We are back with more Emoji Pop answers for you, this time moving forward to level 3 in the game and checking out the brand new puzzles that are a joy to be solved. If you got stuck along the way and you need help, though, we are here to give you that helping hand and here we have the Emoji Pop cheats for level 3, puzzles 25 to 44.

Have in mind that the puzzles in this game are random for each player, so consider checking out our entire archive of Emoji Pop Answers if you don’t manage to find what you’re looking for. Or try your luck with our puzzles from levels 1 and 2! And now, let’s check out the Emoji Pop answers for level 3 – 25 to 3 – 44 below!

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 25 answers

Images: Bride and shower
Answer: Bridal shower

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 26 answers

Images: Baby bottle and hand
Answer: Milkshake

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 27 answers

Images: Moon and man walking
Answer: Moonwalk

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 28 answers

Images: Family and tree
Answer: Family tree

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 29 answers

Images: Indian, man in a boat, tiger
Answer: Life of Pi

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 30 answers

Images: Heart and ship
Answer: Love Boat

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 31 answers

Images: Clock, smiley face and beer glasses
Answer: Happy Hour

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 32 answers

Images: Eyes and candy
Answer: Eye Candy

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 33 answers

Images: Airplane and mail
Answer: Air Mail

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 34 answers

Images: Girl with crown and hearts
Answer: Queen of Hearts

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 35 answers

Images: Statue of Liberty and newspaper
Answer: New York Times

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 36 answers

Images: Pizza slice and box
Answer: pizza Box

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 37 answers

Images: Fire and truck
Answer: Fire truck

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 38 answers

Images: Man’s face, glasses and lighting
Answer: Harry Potter

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 39 answers

Images: Candy, lollipop, hammer and spark
Answer: Candy Crush

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 40 answers

Images: Sound off icon
Answer: Mute

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 41 answers

Images: Cigarette and gun
Answer: Smoking Gun

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 42 answers

Images: UK Flag, fish and fries
Answer: Fish and chips

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 43 answers

Images: Heart and letter
Answer: Love Letter

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 44 answers

Images: Rainbow and candy
Answer: Skittels

And this completes the Emoji Pop answers for level 3. We had some interesting puzzles here, again most of them were pretty easy, but it’s the difficult one that matter and make us stop. Hopefully this cheats article helped you keep going – make sure to check back soon for even more answers to Emoji Pop!