If one of your deepest and darkest fantasies is that of blasting into millions of pieces tons of brainless but brain eating zombies, than Dead Meets Lead might be the answer for you: created by the indie developers Keldyn Interactive, the game tries to keep it simple and fun by delivering hordes of zombies that must meet your lead. Sounds simple enough?

“We wanted to create something new, challenging and entertaining,” said Fredrik Noren, Keldyn’s CEO. “This is it. Dead Meets Lead is all about being challenged, being empowered to overcome that challenge and then, after a hard battle, beating the challenge. All wrapped in a casing of good old zombie slaughter to the max and set in an intriguing 18th century environment on the mystic Caribbean island of El Mirando. We are very proud and excited with this game, and we hope players will feel the same.”

You can purchase the game for €13.95 on the official Dead Meets Lead website and on major digital distributors Direct2Drive, Impulse, GamersGate and Desura and you can also play a short demo before purchasing, which makes it fair game for everybody. Except for the poor zombies, of course!

If you’re too busy to click links, you can check out the trailer below:

What do you think about the game? Like it or not?