Destiny 2 has attracted a large number of individuals that want to enjoy long hours of gaming. However, one of the most important things gamers care is about the Destiny 2 Valor rank.

Users will have the possibility to spend several hours upgrading their skills and working on the ranks of each of the mods available in-game.

Valor Rank Destiny 2

There are six Destiny 2 Valor rank for Guardians to improve and enhance with three sub ranks each of them.

The Valor rank will be evolving and progressing throughout the whole game story. This is why you can earn Valor for your account as you move forward with the different characters available in the game.

Users will find that doing weekly bounties will be enough for them to get through all Destiny 2 Valor rank and reset the Valor in just a single season.

You will be able to reset your Valor rank five times to unlock some of the most powerful and wanted Pinnacle weapons.

The rank list is as follows:

  • Guardian ( 0 rank points)
  • Brave ( 50 rank points )
  • Heroic ( 350 rank points )
  • Fabled ( 700 rank points ) 
  • Mythic ( 1150 rank points ) 
  • Legend ( 1800 rank points ) 

Each of these ranks has three different stages. However, Legend will have a unique stage considering this is the last rank that a user could acquire.

In order to move to the next rank, you will need several points according to your level. In general, the first stages of each rank require fewer points to advance into the second stage. Nevertheless, things get more difficult as soon as you upgrade your rank.

It is worth mentioning that the Destiny 2 Valor rank doesn’t lose progress if you experience a loss. This is a very important difference compared to Glory ranks. Even during a loss, you will still earn points.

Nevertheless, the goal is to always win, considering the points provided by a loss are far from being the reward that a win would give you.

According to data provided by the Destiny 2 community, a loss would always give 10 points to users. There are also five different levels of possible Wins. The higher the level of the Win streak, the higher the reward points.

At the same time, the awarded points will also grow as you improve your rank. A Win 1 on Legend will give users 22 points while a Win 1 on Guardian will give users 12 points. 5 Win streaks on Legend will give users 42 points while 32 points to Guardian users.

Valor Rewards

Increasing your valor rank in Destiny 2 is not only about gaining a new rank. Its about rewards also. Players can earn emblems, weapons or ornaments when they’re increasing their Valor Rank. Whenever a player levels up to a new valor rank – a crucible engram is given.

Resetting Valor

Users will also have the possibility to reset their Valor Rank Destiny 2. In order to do so, they will have to reach 2,000 Valor points, place the cursor over the Crucible Quickplay list and choose the option to reset the Valor.


In this article, we wanted to share with Destiny 2 users on how to improve their Valor rank and how to understand the points awarded during the whole game.

The Valor Rank Destiny 2 is a very important tool for the game that would allow you to move forward, reach higher ranks and improve your gaming skills.