Ngames announced today that Cyber Monster II public open beta has finally opened its doors and is now available. After the huge success of the closed beta phase, the company released the open beta together with two major content updates. Cyber Monster II takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original Cyber Monster and it utilizes the most advanced browser-based technologies, providing “vibrant new graphics that deliver an eye-popping experience.”

The additional content introduces a new zone, the Mist Land, a mysterious territory plagued with devils and it’s the players’ mission to rescue the kingdom of Tristram, as Ngames explained:

The Mist Land, a new world overrun with devils, brings a slew of new gameplay opportunities. As the chosen one, it is the player’s mission to drive the devils out and save the land. The Mist Land is home to the kingdom of Tristram, an entirely new region to explore and liberate from the demons. Once liberated, players must guard the city with their pets to prevent future invasions – but they must be wary not to guard it with a weak pet, otherwise citizens may become disloyal and let the evil back in.

The gem system has been improved in order to provide players a more accurate functionality of this system, now it gives “more control over how they enhance their pet skills, with tons of combinations available to suit any strategy and style.” Different gems, with unique attributes can be looted from the Mist Land and they can be used to boost pet’s skills and power.