Four new screenshots from the upcoming Crysis 3 game have emerged and I am sure that nobody will be surprised to hear (and see) that they look absolutely amazing. The new screenshots can be checked out in the gallery below – and also don’t forget to look at the image to the left since it’s also a brand new Crysis 3 screenshot.

These new screenshots come with an extremely well done post-apocalyptic feeling showing us destroyed buildings, incredible vegetation and surely dangerous water. The attention to detail is incredible and we can only wonder what system requirements will the game have (and how crappy will it actually look on consoles compared to PCs).

So while we wait for the third installment of Crysis to be released sometime next year, let’s enjoy the new screenshots that make us hope that time traveling was possible (to go to the future and play Crysis 3, of course!):

Source: Helder Pinto