Well, one of the best looking PC games of all times, Crysis 2 is here but some users, as it usually happens, are encountering problems when running the game: I am talking about the so unwanted Crysis 2 crashes and game freezes that make the game unplayable. In this article we will try to share with you some basic tips and tricks to help you fix the Crysis 2 Crashes and Freezes.

First of all, before trying any of the crash fixes suggested below, make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Crysis 2. If it does, here are the steps you can try to fix the game problems:

1. Try running the game in Windows XP compatibility mode. This should generally do the trick.
2. Make sure that you update your video card drivers to the latest version
3. Check to see if there are any antivirus notifications behind Crysis 2 (Alt + Tab out of the game to check out). If so, turn off antivirus/firewall or place the game executable in the exception list. Most of the Crysis 2 problems are connected to the Antivirus programs or Firewalls.
4. Make sure that you turn off all your background applications before starting the game, including internet browsers and even antivirus software.
5. Keep an eye on your computer temperature. If you don’t have a good cooler things might get really hot and cause the game to freeze and make your computer unresponsive.

If none of these solutions work, uninstall Crysis 2 from your computer and completely clean up the registries (using a program like CCleaner) then reinstall it. Also keep an eye here, maybe other helpful users who have fixes for the Crysis 2 crashes will share them below.