Legends of Dawn, the amazing RPG from Dreamatix will have five main races. I have decided to write this article to share with you all the details about the Legends of Dawn races in order to help you choose the best race and get you know their abilities and stories better, so that you can be 100% sure of your choice. So let’s check out below this guide to Legends of Dawn races!

1. Humans

They have a good mood that can spread (because they love dancing, eating and drinking). They are all very courageous and have a strong sense of unity. However, they easily get consumed by their emotions and can act accordingly and therefore they can even turn against their own (the only race who does that).

2. Elves

Great warriors, the elves are loyal and dependable. They are strong and skilled with weapons (so they’re not just the good archers we know from previous games). However, since they know they are physically superior, they often like to show off and attack others very brutally. Which is not a bad thing, after all…

3. Danians

Some sort of mutant life-forms, the Danians can be male, female and androgyne and are very skilled magicians. They are the most noble and peaceful race of them all and they will use violence as a last resort. However, they are great healers, even though they also practice necromancy and other forms of black magic.

4. Dwarves

Extremely physical characters, the short legged dwarves are very noble creatures who like to help other races when in need – and can do it pretty well since they’re really skilled in using powerful weapons. They would never use Black Magic but after all, their shield and hammers are all that is needed for them to become victorious in a battle.

5. Rizrs

The oldest race on the planet and also the most primitive. They are the rogues of Narr and they are known to turn to violence as a last resort. They are experts in camouflage and defense techniques and telepathic. However, they are very exclusivist and never welcome any other race around them. They have no knowledge of magic and no desire to learn anything that could lead to progress…

And these five are the races in Legends of Dawn. Some really interesting choices here and I am sure you are really excited to know these details!