Complete Guide for the FarmVille Trick or Treat Missions

Complete Guide for the FarmVille Trick or Treat Missions

FarmVille is getting ready to challenge us with a brand new mission series that we will most likely love to complete and I am here to tell you everything a bout it: Trick or Treat is the name of this new mission series and, as you can see from the name, it is a Halloween Themed mission series. I am, therefore, really happy to share with you all the details about the Trick or Treat mission series in FarmVille:

Let There Be Light (Sticks) mission
– Get 8 Light Sticks
– Visit 3 Neighbors
– Harvest 200 Fruit
Rewards: 50 XP, Reverse Skunk and 2,500 Farm Coins

The Bucketeers mission
– Get 8 Candy Buckets
– Harvest the Reverse Skunk
– Harvest 200 Flowers
Rewards: 50 XP, Orange Granny Wolf and 2,500 Farm Coins

Jack-O-Lighting mission
– Get 10 Jack-O-Lantern Flashlights
– Harvest the Orange Granny Wolf
– Harvest 200 Grain Crops
Rewards: 50 XP, Robo Dino Ninja and 2,500 Farm Coins

The Route to Loot mission
– Get 10 Candy Maps
– Place Halloween Robodinoninja in Zoo
– Harvest 100 Candy Corn
Rewards: 50 XP, Orange Hippo and 2,500 Farm Coins

There’s Always One… mission
– Get 12 Cardboard Box Costumes
– Master Reverse Skunk to Level 2
– Harvest 200 Vegetables
Rewards: 50 XP, Robot Costume and 2,500 Farm Coins

Trick or Treat? mission
– Get 12 Confetti Bombs
– Harvest the Zoo
– Harvest 150 Black Tulips
Rewards: 50 XP, Purple Dragon and 2,500 Farm Coins