Even if there’s a new series of Trick or Treat missions in FarmVille, the recently released Lighthouse Cove also continues its story and challenges us to complete three new missions, the Ship Shape mission series, plus three bonus ones because we’re such good people – probably that’s what Zynga thinks! So let’s see all the details about the Ship Shape mission series in FarmVille!

FarmVille Ship Shape Mission:
– Get 3 buckets
– Harvest lighthouse cove
– Harvest 110 dill

FarmVille Fill the Hold Mission:

– Get 3 life preservers
– Harvest 110 darrow blackberries
– Make dill potato skins twice

FarmVille Set Sail Mission:

– Get 3 strong rope
– Make blackberry ice cream twice
– Buy a coastal patch

FarmVille Bonus Challenge 1

– Harvest 1 aviary
– Harvest 130 daylilies
– Harvest lighthouse cove

FarmVille Bonus Challenge 2

– Make new england lager 4 times
– Harvest 130 darrow blackberries
– Improve the cove to level 8

FarmVille Bonus Challenge 3

– Harvest 1 horse paddock
– Harvest 130 vegetables
– Make cream pie 4 times

What do you think about this new mission series in FarmVille?