[stranded] is a really nice and quite challenging PC game that you can download for free and enjoy massively, especially if you’re intro sci-fi alien-battling scenarios (and since you’re a PC games fan, you certainly are!). Read on to find out just a few more things about this top down shooter before downloading and playing it for free!

In [stranded], you are a soldier that has to recover some parts of his spaceship that crashed on an alien planet. Unfortunately for you, the planet is inhabited by angry beasts and enemies that want to put an end to your miserable life. Of course, you have other plans so you’ll have to kill them instead. Pretty easy in theory!

The fact is that [stranded] is really challenging: except for a few minor bugs that have you blocked in the scenery, the game has hordes of enemies that attack you (and usually in packs), while ammo is scarce. There’s a little sneaking involved too since there’s a night/day cycle in this free game and if you wish, you can sneak by sleeping enemies.

All in all, [stranded] is a really challenging and well done title and I invite you to download it for free now from here.