The annual street faire is here in Cafe World and it challenges us with 8 brand new missions that we have to complete in order to help Amelia turn it into a real success. Fortunately, I am here to share with you all the details about the Cafe World Feeding the Faire missions, so read on to find everything about them!

Feeding the Faire 1
– Ask for 5 party flyers
– Serve 25 Random dishes
– Serve 20 Random dishes

Feeding the Faire 2
– Ask for 6 red plastic cups
– Serve 30 Random dishes
– Ask for 6 lemon slices
reward: Sloppy Joes

Feeding the Faire 3
– Ask for 7 BBQ sauce
– Ask for 7 paper napkins
– Master Sloppy Joes through Level 1

Feeding the Faire 4
– Serve 50 Random dish
– Ask for 6 basketballs
– Ask for 6 High tops

Feeding the Faire 5
– Serve 30 Random dish
– Serve 30 Random dish
– Ask for 8 Chicken breasts
Reward: Breaded chicken sandwich

Feeding the Faire 6
– Spice 5 of your dishes
– Ask for 8 wristbands
– Serve 30 sandwich counter

Feeding the Faire 7
– Ask for 8 pie servers
– Ask for 9 pie tins
– Serve 30 Random dish
Reward: Strawberry pie

Feeding the Faire 8
– Master Sloppy Joes through Level 2
– Master Breaded chicken sandwich through Level 1
– Master Strawberry pie through Level 1

As you probably imagine, the random dish will be assigned to players randomly, so some might have their missions slightly more difficult than others.


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