There don’t seem to be too many high quality multiplayer First Person Shooters that are also free to play, right? Well, Nexon Europe is planning to solve this little problem by offering us their free to play online FPS, Combat Arms. If you want to be one of the first people to test the game and see if it can rise up to today’s standards, as the developers promise, you have a chance: the open beta stage is ready to begin!

Starting from December 16, Combat Arms enlists players across Europe to join the arms race, delivering multiple new maps, a new individual One-Man-Army game mode, as well as extended arsenal with new gears and weapons. The open-beta stage will encourage players to show off their fragging skills and reward top soldiers of fortune with exciting prizes. So it seems that things just can’t be better – you play for free, and if you are good you also win some prizes. Check the official website of the game and see for yourself that it’s true!

Combat Arms is a an online shooter, designed for non-stop action on the grounds of various battlefields where players are recruited to get engaged with their enemies in multiple game modes. While integrating the traditional attributes of the FPS genre, Combat Arms introduces new features such as character customization and weapon modification system, which is really, really cool.