CastleVille Banish Hazel the Icy Witch Mission Series Guide

CastleVille Banish Hazel the Icy Witch Mission Series Guide

After completing the long and difficult Gloom Thief mission series in CastleVille, it’s finally time to meet Hazel the Icy Witch and, of course, to banish her from our kingdom! It won’t be an easy task and we’ll have to complete a few missions to see her gone, but in the end we’ll notice that her heart is not actually that cold and she can love too. So it’s up for us to help her.

Now read on for all the details about the new missions in the Banish Hazel the Icy Witch series in CastleVille!

Breaking the Ice Quest
– Have 10 Rat Tails
– Get 10 Ogre’s Belches (tending Grass, Roots)
– Have 5 Ice Chunks (banish Gloom Yetis and tend icy items)
Rewards: 750 coins, 15 XP, 1 Frozen Cow

Warming Up Quest

– Have 4 Diary Pages (ask friends)
– Visit 3 Neighbors
– Craft 5 Glue
Rewards: 1,000 coins, 20 XP, 1 Imperial Opal

Beastie Party Quest

– Use 2 Wolf Potions
– Use 2 Thief Potions
– Use 2 Yeti Potions (you can get them all in the Market, under the Consumables tab)
Rewards: 500 coins, 10 XP

Evil Intentions Quest

– Have 10 Love Letters (ask friends)
– Craft 4 Bottles of Ink (in the Studio)
– Fish 6 times in a Neighbors’ Kingdom
Rewards: 750 coins, 15XP

Hate Potion No. 9 Quest
– Harvest 20 Cabbage
– Get 10 Pine Cones (found by watering Pine Saplings)
– Get 15 Piles of Sand (found by fishing)
Rewards: 750 coins, 15 XP, 1 Love Potion

Gloom Chic Quest
– Banish 10 Gloom Wolves
– Have 20 Shells
– Craft 6 Flax Oil (in the Kitchen)
Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 XP

Epic Etchings Quest
– Craft 7 Stone Blocks (in the Workshop)
– Craft 7 Dyes (in the Studio)
– Have 7 Chisels (ask friends)
Rewards: 1,000 coins, 20 XP

How Thoughtful Quest
– Have 10 fresh Grubs
– Craft Fishing Bait (in the Workshop)
– Unwither 1 Crop in 5 different Neighbors’ Kingdoms
Rewards: 1,500 coins, 30 XP

Foul Farewell Quest
– Craft an Epic Ice Pick
– Have 5 Yeti Potions (find them in the Market)
– Bring down Hazel’s Tower
Rewards: 1,500 coins, 30 XP, 1 Witch’s Tower

We don’t know if Hazel the Icy Witch will make a return, but I’m sure you’ll be glad to have banished her off the lands.

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