The introduction of the 4X Cooking Station in Cafe World was also followed by a new series of missions for us to complete: 6 new challenging missions that will certainly keep us busy for a while (as if we weren’t already with all the previous upgrades and goals…). Read on to find out everything about the 4X Cooking Station missions in Cafe World!

4X Cooking Station Mission
– Place your Cooking Station
– Serve Chips and Guacamole 7 Times
– Ask for 4 Seating Charts

I Can Fix That Mission
– Serve Pita and Dolmas 15 Times
– Ask for 7 Handwritten Jokes
– Have 6 Gas Pipes

Elbow Grease Mission
– Serve 30 Savory Stuffed Turkeys
– Ask for 8 Copper Coils
– Ask for 6 Multi-tools

Kitchen Support Mission
– Serve 35 Voodoo Chicken Salad
– Ask for 8 Rust-Proof Bolts
– Have 10 Steel Panels

Eggy for All Mission
– Serve Gem Cake 50 Times
– Ask for 9 Atomic Eggs
– Ask for 8 Wonderous Bread

It’s Alive Mission
– Finish Building the Cooking Station
– Cook with the Cooking Station 3 Times
– Ask for 12 Quark Cheese

After completing this new series of missions, you will receive the Eggy in a Basket recipe and you’ll also have the cool 4X Cooking Station working in your cafe.