Zynga has thought at another really interesting, space saving gadget in Cafe World: the 4X Cooking Station, a new item that helps you save space and keep the same functionality: as the name suggests, this is a cooking stove that can handle 4 recipes at a time. Great!

Of course, you will first have to build the 4X Cooking Station in Cafe World and I’m going to share with you in this article all the details on how to build the new gadget from scratch!

First of all, you will need to place the base of the 4X Cooking Station in your Cafe, then you’ll have to go through the regular building material gaining process and gather the following:

– 6 Gas Pipes
– 9 Bolts
– 10 Steel Panels
– 10 Thermostats

After completing it, you will be allowed to choose which regular stoves (or special ones like the Lighting stove) you want to combine inside and you’ll get the same cooking power in less space.