Due to the excessive complains they got from Mafia Wars players, Zynga improved the drop rate of Weapon Parts from fights. Before this development, getting Weapon Parts when fighting was next to impossible.

According to Jonezie Malone, a Community Manager at the Zynga Forums, Zynga addressed the low drop rate in the recent Mafia Wars release. Players should see an increase to the dropping of basic Weapon Parts from Fights.

The emphasis was on Basic Weapon Parts and there was no mention with regards to the other parts needed to make Weapon s from the Weapons Depot, such as Sonic Emitter, Laser Rangefinder, Boomerang, Grapple, Railgun Barrel, and Portable Fusion Reactor.

Another way of getting Weapon Parts is by doing jobs but the drop rate is still a bit low. You need to have lots of luck if you want to collect Weapon Parts.

Also Zynga updated the Fight Club in the Marketplace. Now you can view your Fight Level and number of Victory Coins you have.

You can view the announcement here:


Are you satisfied with these new updates in Mafia Wars?