If you’ve enjoyed our article about the ‘Best Razer Gaming Keyboards‘ – you’d probably like this one; This time – we’re reviewing the best Corsair Gaming Keyboards.

Corsair is one of the leading companies that make gaming keyboards. They offer quite the best keyboards for gaming. The next generation Corsair keyboards offer the smoothest experience with soft keys, RGB backlights and many other features.

Some of them have dedicated multimedia buttons for volume controls for adjusting audio during gameplay without pausing your game. We will be discussing the top models offered by Corsair.

While a few people don’t really care about the keyboard that you use, a true gamer knows that an important thing when gaming is the keyboard that you’re gaming on. A good keyboard make a huge difference in competitive games such a League of Legends, Dota 2, Apex Legends, CS:GO and so on.

We’ve picked 3 keyboards from Corsair that we thought are the best for an avid gamer.

Best Corsair keyboard For Gaming

CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR Strafe RGB has specially made mechanical key switches containing gold contacts. These help to give the best and ultimate performance and not the least the competitive advantage of mechanical keys over normal keys is that, they last longer.

There is an 8MB Onboard profile storage. That helps to take your gaming profiles to anywhere along with you so you can continue where you stopped. The lightning makes your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Separate RGB backlighting for each key delivers more dynamic and bright lighting effects with virtual customization. Dedicated multimedia buttons are there for your comfort to adjust audio without interrupting your game.

USB pass-through port gives more convenient access to an additional USB port for your mouse or headset. Corsair keyboards come with iCUE software. That enables vividly dynamic control to the lights. With the help of sophisticated macro programming all the Corsair keyboard’s peripherals like coolers, fans and other lights etc. completely synchronize with each other.


  • Separate USB and headset ports are giving an extra edge.
  • ICUE Software increases the functionality of the keyboards.


  • A bit noisier than the rest of the models due to fans and other stuff.

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Another member of the Corsair keyboard has something very exciting for its users. Especially the ones who like to play hardcore games. Its Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame is specially built to bear the hard strokes and continuous tapping by the gamers and don’t end up being dead in the middle of the game.

Just like its other family member, its 8MB profile storage ability is a massive benefit. It also has separate dynamic lights for each of the key to give you an all even light experience throughout the game session without any disturbance.

The Corsair keyboard K70 is an all in one mechanical based gaming keyboard with high endurance. It is equipped with a lightweight and durable aluminum frame. That gives it a lightweight experience with strength as well.

Its 100% CHERRY MX gold-plated contact key switches provide the highest level of reliability and accuracy needed for game plays. Dedicated controls for multimedia with detachable soft-touch wrist rest will make you love it.

Its textured FPS and MOBA keycaps make it easier to play as you want with minimal interruptions. It’s considered to be the most amazing and awesome K70 keyboard yet.


  • Soft wrist support to keep your hand in shape.
  • Wide keys to help your fingers.


  • A bit heavier than the rest of the keyboards.
  • Can’t carry around everywhere that easily due to its size.

CORSAIR K65 LUX RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Vivid RGB backlighting is one of the common things in all of the Corsair Keyboards. The Corsair K65 Lux is not exception. That offers virtually almost unlimited lighting customization options. You can also use a variety of on-board previously installed effects for instantly illuminating the keyboard.

This Corsair keyboard comes with unique dust and spill-resistant design. That’s rated up to IP32 protection. What good in it? It helps your Corsair keyboard to defend against accidents like juice or tea spills, so your gameplay never stops.

Like its other cousins, its 100% gold-contact CHERRY MX mechanical switches provide the best performance. That gives this machine a competitive advantage over other keyboards. Another specialty is the CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) software.

This software controls all of the sophisticated macro programming done in this keyboard which in terms controls the stunning dynamic lighting effects. Corsair Keyboards are made to be 100% Anti-ghosting by making it full key rollover that ensures your commands and keystrokes always work the way you wanted.

It has also had a set of multimedia keys that allows you to control your audios and other system settings so you won’t have to pause your game in order to do so. A dedicated Windows Key Lock mode guarantees that there would be no interruption during your gameplay. While a removable wrist-rest gives an optimal comfort level no matter how you are playing.


  • Multimedia keys for extra functionalities.
  • Aluminum structure makes them tough and increases their endurance.


  • They are, no doubt, very tough but once they are broke, they are not easily repaired.

CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This bad boy is the ultimate keyboard from Corsair that you’ll need for a year or two. With an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame – this keyboard can resist to any punches you throw at it when you’re angry.

As usual, there’s the 8MB hardware macro storage and lighting playback. This gem have a 1000 Hz report rate and its detachable, dual-sided with soft touch finish. A dynamic multicolor per key makes it special – and also the Light edge. You can custom your color, the illumination level and many other things.

With 6 programmable G-keys made for in-game macros – this is the ultimate keyboard for any complex multi-key combos; There are over 800 positive reviews about this keyboard and frankly – our opinion is the same. This is among the most expensive but the best keyboard from Corsair.


  • Easy to type, key pressing feels great
  • Sounds is astonishingly good
  • There’s almost 0 latency
  • Software capabilities for LEDs are amazing


  • May be inconvenient to carry around as it have 5.78 pounds (2.62 kg)


If you need to react in real-time with a 0 delay – these are the best Corsair keyboards for you. Their comparative features, high-tech machines, sophisticated programming makes these keyboards from one of the best choices from top gamers all over the world.

Corsair’s keyboard design is said to be one of the cleanest yet modern in the industry. The frameless design is the best. A tasteful top bezel is there just to give it enough flair as well as space for mounting the dedicated media controls.

Despite some models who lack the aluminum frame. There are other models who don’t have that, but that contains high-quality plastic with high endurance and strength.

Summing up the discussion we can say that Corsair Keyboards are the best choices when it comes to buying gaming laptops. No matter what type of game you are going to play, these keyboards are the one that you should definitely have to enjoy the best gameplay experience. Accompanied by a corsair gaming mouse Corsair gaming keyboards could be all that you’re looking for your gaming experience.