HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6

The craze and trends in the computer gaming industry are reaching new incredible heights, with a large number of new gamers emerging every new day. The need for a faster, secure, and easy to use gaming computer is growing rapidly. For this reason, computer manufacturers across the globe are striving to produce the best versions of gaming computers that meet these needs. There are a number of gaming laptops available in the market today. Amazingly, current trends indicate that gamers are going for the smallest gaming laptop available.

Why a small gaming laptop?

With a variety of gaming laptops available, a small gaming laptop has several advantages compared to the other PCs. Some of these advantages include;

  1. Portable – a small laptop is easy to carry around with, and will fit in the smallest of places, making them quite convenient and comfortable when using it. With the average small gaming laptop weighing between 4 to 20 pounds and screen length of between 13 to 15 inches, they are the most portable gaming devices available.
  2. Efficient – one of the best aspects of a small gaming laptop is that one is able to access almost all other functions of your regular PC on your gaming laptop, so there’s no limit on functions or specificity on its use
  3. Speed – in comparison to other gaming devices, they have remarkable speeds, which the gaming apps are able to run on, without hitches or glitches
  4. Large storage – a number of small gaming laptops have large storage capacities that can handle a large number of gaming apps.
  5. Versatility – gaming laptops are designed to allow for the future upgrade of programmes.
  6. Improved, better gaming parts- they have improved features from better sound, to longer lasting battery, better picture quality, and efficient processor.


What to look for when buying a gaming laptop

With a number of gaming laptops available, there are several aspects to look for when you want to purchase one, so as to get value for your money and get the best out of your gaming laptop. Some of the aspects include;

  • A big hard drive of at least 1 Terabytes
  • Check for the years of guarantee, the longer the better, to ensure that you are able to access free maintenance service.
  • Comfortable and stable keyboard
  • Big storage – check out for a laptop with a big RAM capability, as games need a lot of storage space to run on.
  • A good CPU processor guarantees the speed of the gaming laptop

Features of a gaming laptop

Small gaming laptops have discrete GPU with their own memory VRAM. Nvidia GPUs run the majority of gaming apps. The commonly used being the GTX 1060, Nvidia 1050/1050 Ti, and the highest performance is Nvidia GeForce GTR 1070.

Razer is a company that specializes in making world-class gaming devices. Since it started operating in 2005, it has become a force to reckon with in the computer gaming industry both in the US and at the International stage. The gaming giant prides itself in having designed the current smallest gaming laptop in the world; the ultra-fast, ultra small and ultra-powerful Razer Blade 15. Comments regarding the performance and efficiency of gaming laptops and ultrabooks are welcome. Below is the new Razer Blade 15.