Best Board games

You spend so much of your time with your family, as the pandemic has brought everyone under one roof. The need to do something, to entertain each other and have fun is of the utmost importance. Being locked in a house with your family can be chaotic and stressful; you seem to want to remove steam. The best way to do this is Family games night, board games that can bring you closer while also have a screaming match with the others. The adrenaline rushing the excitement, soaring a family that plays together stays together. 

Now there are the classic Monopoly, Game of Life that have gotten boring and predictable. However, worry not we bring you a list with exciting games that don’t get boring how many ever times you play it. 

Here are some of the exciting family board games to by right now: 

  • Sequence a board game revolving around cards its brain wracking and keeps all ages occupied. The blend of relaxed and nailbiting can be played in teams or individually. The game requires you to be observant smart and pray that you have the world’s most excellent luck. Advised that the game played from age seven and above. So this is you play the game – one person deals the card, and each gets a standard number you put down one card and place a chip on the board on the representation of the card. The first one to make a set of five chips in a row wins. It’s not as easy as it sounds to know more purchase the game now.
  • Catan, a game that can break or make a family, is thrilling and amusing. The game, played by three to four people above the age of eight. The main goal of the game is to fight with your pawns and collect resources to establish a settlement on the island of Catan. The board game has 19 hexagonal tiles that are placed randomly on the board game hence being unpredictable. The main aim is to get resource cards and built an establishment around the island, and it’s a point-based game. Remember, the other players can destroy your settlement with their tags and roads, and a trade-off of resources can take place between them. May the best man win, sounds confusing, get the game and try it out yourself. 
  • Clue a mystery filled game has been popular for years, the game is filled with suspense and turns that need to be solved. The game revolves around a murder in a mansion, and the suspects present themselves to you. The game suitable for age eight and above played with two to six players. The set comes with props, board, miniature weapons, cards, and other case-related things. The game’s idea is for people to come up with theories of how the murder conspired and who is guilty. This foes on till someone’s theory proves to be right. Confusing, thrilling, and making your mind working the game never fails to entertain. 

Final Thoughts 

These games are fun and can get competitive, so make sure you don’t let your emotions get the best of you. These games are an excellent way to keep your mind working and keeping the spirit alive. Now family game night will never be the same.