being-one-episode4You escaped the vat, discovered twisted Alien Research and found out that Dr Rycroft was performing bizarre experiments that, however, turned you into a super-being. Now it’s time to leave the laboratory once and for all, in the fourth episode of Being One, my pick for today’s daily escape.

Although not completely an escape the room game, but more of a first person adventure with shooter elements just for fun, Being One: Episode 4 is quite a decent game compared to the big budget titles and a really awesome one compared to your regular escape the room games. It is more gory and bloody that some parents would like a game to be, so it might not be really suitable for underage gamers, but for somebody who can deal with a bucket of blood, Being One: Episode 4 is a must play, especially if you loved the three episodes and you prefer more casual (aka easier) adventure/escape the room games.

So even though it will make you sad to hear that the adventure has come to an end in this fourth episode, you should still give it a try. Click here to play Being One: Episode 4.

Have fun and share your thoughts on the game/entire series in the comment section below.