The Battlefield 3 point system/scoring system has been changed a little bit compared to the previous Battlefiled games and I am sure you’d like to know everything about it. The enemy kill points have increased the most, but I let you check out all of them below and prepare for getting as many points as possible when the game releases.

Here is the Battlefield 3 Point System detailed:

Kill points:

Kill enemy: 100 points
Knife kill: 300 points
Comeback kill: 60 points
Headshot bonus: +10 points
Eliminate enemy squad: +10 points
Savior bonus: +20 points
Avenger bonus: +10 points
Destroy vehicle: 200 points
Disable vehicle: 100 points

Assist points:

Kill assist: from 10 to 60 points
Spot assist: 10 points
Squad kill assist: from 10 to 60 points
Squad spot assist: 20 points
Suppressive fire assist: +10 points
Squad spawn on you: +10 points

M-COM objective points:

M-COM arm: 200 points
M-COM disarm: 200 points
M-COM destroy: 200 points
M-COM attack bonus: +20 points
M-COM defend bonus: +20 points


Revive teammate: 100 points
Squad revive: +20 points
Squad Spawn on you: 10 points
Repair: +20 points
Squad repair: +30 points

[source: Battlefield 3 Blog]