A short while ago, the folks at Gamasutra talked to former Midway Chicago developers (now Phosphor Games) who believe that they have a really cool game in development with Awakened which was initially titled Hero and was in the works before open world superhero games (like Prototype) were cool. And according to the developers, Awakened is still cool since it has a really high degree of customization and… well… coolness!

The development of the game has been restarted and even though in terms of coding things are still in the initial development stages, the concept is there and Phosphor Games promise that they will deliver a super quality open world superhero game with Awakened. Let’s hope that they do and also do it for the PC as well!

Until then, here’s a reason why I really hope that this game will be released on PCs, the Awakened Trailer:

What do you think about this game?