Earlier today, Amazon announced that after a month of having the consoles up for preorder, they’ve sold out on their initial stocks of both Xbox Ones and PS4s.

The company has stated that it does still have standard editions of the consoles available, preordering now will not guarantee that you recieve a console on launch day. The order pages now read “Shipping date based on availability. This product is not guaranteed at release date.”

Earlier this week, retailer Gamestop also announced that they could no longer guarantee fans that they’d recieve a PS4 console on launch day.

Despite the massive backlash the Xbox One received at E3 and in the weeks following, it appears to have more or less kept up with the PS4 in terms of total units sold. The PS4 has pulled ahead slightly, sitting in third place on Amazon’s bestseller list, while the Xbox One sits three places behind in sixth.

As of yet, neither the Xbox One or PS4 have definitive release dates, although it is known that they’ll be out before the end of this year.