far-cry-genericimageOK, so it’s not the biggest surprise of the year that we’re indeed going to receive a third Far Cry game, but at least now we have some details on the game. Actually, we have the regular promise that Far Cry 3 will be exciting, amazing, and everything else. Let’s hope it will!

The first note regarding Far Cry 3 was made by Kevin Shortt, one of Ubisoft’s scriptwriters. He said, according to CVG, that although he is not working on Far Cry 3, he knows the team and what they’re doing “looks pretty exciting”.

Of course, the fact that things look pretty exciting isn’t a lot of information (and for those who played the first two games, it’s not even a surprise), but it’s still something. Add to that the information we already had from Ubisoft’s Patrick Redding who said that the game might be set in Africa, and you have the first few lines of Far Cry 3 drawn already.

Now the only question that has to be asked is: are you excited about the prospect of playing the third game in the series or you think that it’s time for Ubisoft to move on towards new and more risky IPs?