Esports or electronic sports have evolved from simple video games into one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in just 50 short years. Their popularity continues to grow every year. Most of the most ardent players and followers and supporters of esports are young people aged 30years and below as shown on However, a  substantial portion comprises the older generation. Esports is a game not without its critics. Many of these claim that it has many negative effects amongst which, the most cited is addiction. Whether this is true or false is debatable but here the point we intend to point out is that it also has multiple benefits to both players and supporters, real ones. Let’s walk through some of these benefits. 

Improves Critical Thinking

No one knows exactly how the human brain works. What experts agree on is that it works and that it needs exercise just like any other part of the body for it to function at optimum levels. Esports is a game which tests mental powers and for which critical thinking and reasoning is an absolute must. During actual play or practice, players or gamers actually exercise and sharpen this most vital of organs. 

Improves Problem Solving Skills

Esports games involve problem solving and gamers have to make quick decisions on the best moves to make when attacking and how to counter an opponent’s moves. All these exercises and sharpens the brain. The critical thinking thus developed, helps gamers to question things and situations and not merely accept solutions and outcomes because everyone does so.

Just for Fun

Fun is fun, and the younger one is, the more fun is important. Medical research has shown and continues to show that simply having fun has a toning down effect on individuals who feel stressed out, a sort of calming effect so one feels calmer. That’s what playing esports games does to players and gamers. The play makes you have fun and enjoy yourself. 

Stress Relief

Having fun means less stress in your life. Playing electronic sports has a relaxing and calming effect on your nerves thus you feel less stressed. It’s a real stress reliever. 

According to published results of medical research, individuals who are less stressed develop better memories. Their capacity to remember things is greatly enhanced. So it’s a simple trajectory to understand, you play esports you enjoy yourself, you relax and feel calm and your brain capacity improves. Your capacity or ability to recall things, events or situations gets vastly improved. 

Improved Muscular Coordination

The human central nervous system controls how one senses external stimuli like being touched and how you react to those stimuli. It’s a body system which comprises the brain, the spinal cord and millions of conducting sensory fibres. Research has shown that esports gaming improves the functioning of this central nervous system so that the individual has quicker physical responses to outside stimuli. The relaxing effect on the brain effect mentioned earlier has a positive effect on that part of the brain which controls reflexes and muscular activity. A real big plus for esports. 

Monetary Rewards

Esports have become so popular nowadays. The opportunity for gamers to make money for themselves has also grown. It’s a competitive game for prize money and thousands of young e-gamers have earned a lot of money from playing esports. The opportunity to make money does not come from prize money won in competitions or tournaments alone. Sponsorship deals have made young men or women millionaires before they have turned twenty. 

These are some of the many benefits of playing esports.