Playstationers, are you proud of your trophy level? Do you take pride in it’s reflection on your gaming abilities? Are you in competition with someone (such as myself) to have the higher trophy percentage? Or is your trophy level just plain shameful? Well, have no fear as I offer a remedy to your problem with a list of 5 games I found reasonably easy to platinum, games you may not have thought to platinum prior to reading this.

Platinum one:

Name: Ratchet and Clank (Ratchet and Clank trilogy HD)

Difficulty: 4/10

Playthrough(s) needed (approx): 2-3

Hardest trophy to attain: Speedy (Beat the hoverboard challenge in less than 1:35 on Rilgar)

In my opinion, the Ratchet and Clank trilogy was incredibly easy to platinum, only a matter of 3/4 trophies over the entire trilogy made me consider snapping my controller in two. The main difficulty in getting the platinum for this game is by far the first playthrough. However, this can be counteracted if the player saves some bolts by and attains the RYNO, from then on and into challenge mode the game is a breeze. The internet can provide various guides and walkthroughs to attaining all gold bolts and skill points. The most difficult trophy (speedy) can be attained quite easily through trial and error, it is just the one I found most challenging to attain.

Platinum two:

Name: Ratchet and Clank 2: Locked and Loaded (Ratchet and Clank trilogy HD)

Difficulty: 3/10

Playthrough(s) needed (approx): 2-3

Hardest trophy to attain: Wrench ninja II: Massacre (Kill all enemies with a wrench and without dying on planet Joba)

Again, a really easy platinum. The game itself is not a challenge considering the plentiful income of bolts to buy and upgrade your arsenal of weaponry and to protect your Lombax with the best armour. This platinum was very straight forward and also incredibly fun to do at the same time. The most difficult trophy to attain in my opinion was Wrench ninja II: Massacre, purely due to the fact the enemies kept falling off of the map or killing each other, making it a time consuming trophy.

Platinum three:

Name: Ratchet and Clank 3 (Ratchet and Clank trilogy HD)

Difficulty: 4/10

Playthrough(s) needed (approx): 2-3

Hardest trophy to attain: They never stop comin’? (Collect 10 million bolts)

The final breeze of a platinum of the Ratchet and Clank trilogy. In my opinion the only frustrating trophy was the one for attaining 10 million bolts however, playing through planet Koros multiple times on top of any existing bolts up to this point did mean it wasn’t ultimately very difficult, merely time consuming. This is because players tend to spend bolts as opposed to save them for a single trophy. None of the other trophies were incredibly challenging as the game is very enjoyable to play multiple times.

Platinum four:

Name: Assassin’s Creed II

Difficulty: 5/10

Playthrough(s) needed (approx):  2 (if you have missed trophies such as Fly Swatter)

Hardest trophy to attain: No-hitter (Kill 10 enemies while remaining in conflict without being hit)

Assassin’s creed II may not be perhaps one of the most immediately obvious easy platinums, however it doesn’t pose much difficulty in platinuming at all. Whilst most trophies are attained by means of a single playthrough, the combat related trophies can be picked up quite conveniently on a completed save or others very early on into a new playthrough. The ‘fly swatter’ trophy (kick a guard while using the flying machine) was one I missed first time round. However, a quick second playthrough made this trophy easily attainable anyhow. Most players will not miss this trophy though as Leonardo does prompt you to kick a guard during this memory. The most difficult trophy wasn’t difficult at all to be honest as it can be easily achieved via a method of smoke bombs, the right cape to attract guards and assassinations. Trophies in regards collectibles such as feathers and subject 16’s videos can be attained very conveniently through the means of provided online guides and maps. 

Platinum five:

Name: Uncharted: Drake’s fortune

Difficulty: 5/10

Playthrough(s) needed (approx): 2+

Hardest trophy to attain: Charted! – Crushing (Finish the game in Crushing mode)

I avoided platinuming this game at first quite honestly, it was only after I came back to it after playing it’s following installments that I realised it was a relatively easy game to platinum. It’s combat trophies are incredibly easy, guides and roadmaps online can provide adequate information as to where good places to ‘farm’ for these combat trophies are situated throughout the game. This is of course given you didn’t get them through playing through normally. Treasure finding is not an issue either as you can chapter select on this game if you have missed one whilst following an available online guide. You could probably pick up a fair few if you are inquisitive enough on your first playthrough or two anyhow. The hardest trophy I can think of for this game is to complete this game on the hardest difficulty although, I can’t imagine for ‘Drake-die hards’ or even newbies to the game that this would post much of a challenge in all fairness.

To conclude:

So, these are the platinums I found the easiest. I would have provided more but I wanted to add some depth to the list as opposed to a vague list of ten. I do hope this will aid at least someone in attaining some more less obvious platinums, in order to increase their trophy level. Are there any games you found easy to attain trophies in? Please feel free to discuss them. I will be sure to make another list similar to this at some point, providing some more easy platinums. Until then, happy gaming.