2012 Football Logo’s Quiz is one of the similar games that has us guessing the correct answer for the right name of the team based on the logo of the team. This app, available on iPhone at the moment at writing is titled 2012 Football Logo’s Quiz and created by Byerdelen (I am saying that because these answers are good for this game only as there are many other Football Logo Quiz games out there).

So let’s check out a walkthrough for Football Logo’s Quiz and see the name of the teams in the first two levels: the correct answers without any extra help! Note: Click the images for a larger view.

2012 Football Logo’s Quiz Level 1 Answers:

2012 Football Logo’s Quiz Level 2 Answers:

And these are the correct answers for the 2012 Football Logo’s Quiz game for the iPhone. I hope you find them useful and if you need even more solution answers to the game, make sure to check back soon as I will write the answers for the rest of the levels.