Once you completed the 100 doors 2013 level 1 to level 10 walkthrough, It’s time to move forward with our 100 Doors 2013 walkthrough and check out the solution to the next 10 levels in the game. The puzzles now start to get a bit more complicated and most likely you will need a lot of help to complete them. But I am here with the walkthrough for 100 Doors 2013 Level 11 to Level 20, so you can beat the game without a problem. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the walkthrough below!

100 Doors 2013 Level 11 Walkthrough

In order to get the code, we must count the 90 degrees angles from top to bottom. So we have: 4, 2, 1, 3 – type this code to move forward.

100 Doors 2013 Level 12 Walkthrough

Tilt your phone left until a stone appears in the screen. Take it and use it to break the glass to the right of the door. Now we have the whole code: 7834

100 Doors 2013 Level 13 Walkthrough

Pick up the ice container and fill it with water by tapping with it selected the faucet. Now use the ice container with the

100 Doors 2013 Level 14 Walkthrough

Simply drag up on the left and down on the right, as the arrows indicate.


100 Doors 2013 Level 15 Walkthrough

Tap the buttons that are connected: to the left, from top to bottom; to the right, from bottom to top.

100 Doors 2013 Level 16 Walkthrough

Quickly move the phone towards you to make the chandelier fall. Get the key and move forward.

100 Doors 2013 Level 17 Walkthrough

Get a can of snake food (or whatever) from the shelves and put it in the plate to the right, above the door. A snake will appear. Get another can and put it to the next plate, closest to the snake. Continue until the snake is fully out and you can see the code: 7911

100 Doors 2013 Level 18 Walkthrough

Turn the phone upside down, then with two fingers slide down on the arrows to the sides.

100 Doors 2013 Level 19 Walkthrough

Using the images on the floor as clues, move the balls accordingly. To the left: top – left, middle – right, bottom – right. To the right: top – left, middle – left, bottom – right.

100 Doors 2013 Level 20 Walkthrough

You need to turn the wheel so that it will show 1, 3, 6 and 8. Each time the green arrow shows the correct number, press the green button. A good strategy to do it is to first press the right arrow, then the left one – eventually you will get all the numbers.

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Doors 2013 level 11 to level 20 walkthrough and I am sure you liked the increased challenge of these new levels. But the levels will become more challenging once you completed the the levels upto 20. Don’t hesitate to check out the 100 Doors 2013 level 21 to level 25 walkthrough.