The 2019th is a year of interesting new products and interesting predictions for ecommerce marketing platform. Ecommerce marketing ideas are associated with sale/purchase of goods and services via the Internet. E-commerce is developing at a rapid pace and continues to change right now, when you’re reading this. What trends to apply in the e-commerce in 2019 to stand out among competitors, to attract and retain customers with the help of modern technology?

  1. Virtual Assistant

How online shopping differs from shopping offline? For example, with the presence of a consultant who will quickly help in the range and finds the right product for you. In the near future, it may happen that when you enter the online store you will meet a virtual assistant who performs the same functions.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Face recognition in iPhones, colorful photo filters on social networks – these are where AR and VR currently developing most actively. In 2019, they became one of the most progressive trends in e-commerce. Augmented reality helps understand how the product will look in a real situation and light. It is very clear and helps make a purchasing decision. The technology is successfully used today by many.

3. Advanced Product Search

Another trend of online trading has become an advanced search in online stores. It saves time, gives an idea of ​​the best-selling goods, and also increases the volume of cross sales. Moreover, it allows the buyer receiving offers based on their interests.

4. Mobile apps vs. sites

According to the ‘SearchEngineLand’ resource, almost 60% of the total number of requests to Google is made from mobile devices. For this reason, search engines advise making websites comfortable for mobile devices as the prior goal.

5. Machine learning, neural networks, and personalization

Practical methods of artificial intelligence (AI), such as machine learning and, in particular, neural networks, already have a huge impact on business and, particularly, e-commerce. In this area, programs allow you to anticipate the choice of the buyer and offer only the best. This is possible because the search/view history of the user’s goods and orders are analyzed.

6. Interest-Based Advertising

Personalized advertising also known as interest-based advertising will become even more accurate in 2019. Google offers more new ad formats that closely match user preferences. Neural networks analyze the history of user requests and, showing more accurate sentences, increase conversion. However, for the time being, only automation is not enough – you need a constant work of a specialist who will carefully set up the campaign and then deal with it.

7. Voice Search and SEO

According to Comscore, by 2020, more than 50% of all search queries will be done in a voice. Accordingly, with the updates of search engines, sites also should change. Google is already ensuring that users get better results for voice queries. Therefore, we boldly call this type of search one of the most anticipated e-commerce trends in 2019 and we are predicting a new era of search engine optimization, as well as the development of online stores with a focus on voice search.

8. Image search

2019th promises more effective image search. Google has been working in this direction for a long time. Pinterest is doing a great job at improving the results. In addition, a visual search has already been implemented on some e-commerce platforms.

9. Search online, purchase offline

Interesting statistics: 82% of mobile users search the Internet for offline stores that are nearby. 18% of them then buy what they are looking for within 24 hours. Searching online for offline purchases is a new KPI for online ad campaign. It is not easy to measure and improve their efficiency but it is quite realistic: for this purpose, work is being done on the mobile version of the site, social networks, CRM, payment, and cash systems. In 2019, the conversion of such campaigns will be even higher.

10. Fast delivery and improved logistics

The ability to deliver in the day of the order is one of the most anticipated trends in e-commerce 2019, which will be a huge achievement in e-commerce. Today, some of the major online stores already promise next-day delivery and offer several transportation options at once. Logistics is also improving, and every year, the marketplaces are becoming more flexible in this matter, adapting to the buyers.