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Chips in the latest Dota 2 patches

Dota 2 games today are diverse. Each new patch makes Dota 2 matches even more interesting. Esports Dota 2 opens up the possibility of using various features of the game in a new way.

The developers do not cease to please us with new and interesting features. We have collected for you the most interesting innovative patches. They will change your game in Dota 2 matches online. 

1. Playing for the support 4 or 5 positions on Dota 2 matches, you will exchange health with opponents on the line. Very often you will have to run to the base to recover resources. Great news for you. Take the time to teleport back to your line in Dota 2 today. Make it a habit to teleport in mid. This is relevant in Dota 2 esports teams, especially in the stage where mid has a bottle. It gives your mind a very strong boost. In esports Dota 2 you give your hero 4 sips from a bottle. That way you save time behind the hiking runes, and you also allow him to cast more aggressively.

2. Teleport Direction. Not many Dota 2 players know about this feature today. When teleporting, the hero automatically turns in the direction in which the teleport is made. This is a useful skill. This feature will allow you to give more accurate information to the teammate.

 3. Bulwark in Dota 2 pro matches is one of the strongest heroes of the current meta. But not many people know about the magical properties of his Bulwark. This ability redirects 70% of the damage to your shield. The best part is that this ability works even in the fog of war.

4. Branches in Dota 2 can be used. They do provide a huge benefit. You need to select a branch in your inventory and click on the icon of the hero at the bottom. The branch will appear behind the hero in the game. It will move you forward. Use this track in Dota 2 matches today

5. Smokey. Not only is it a perfect gang item, but it’s also a way to dodge the ultimate. Smokey will save you from the ultimate Sniper and protect you from the ultimate Zeus. If you’re playing support, we recommend keeping Smokey handy. This will come in handy in Dota 2 matches.

6. If you play Pudge, this is a great trick to use in Dota 2 pro games today. To do this, you need to go close to the ledge in the middle of Smoke and hit your opponent with Hook. From this position, he won’t get out. On one side he’s blocked by the hero, and on the other side, he’s blocked by the climbing texture.

7. In esports Dota 2 has been amended in the report system. Now, if your complaint is confirmed, you will get a bonus of 25% to your experience – Dota 2 games today. This will be a very useful change. Since reporting players has always been not very easy. Now, if you report a person for bad play, you will be given a reward. 

8. In Dota 2 matches today changed the system 

rank. Now, if you play 10 games at rank, you will get the rank. Before that, you had to play 25 games. This may change the live score of Dota 2. 

9. New items have been added to esports Dota 2. This refers to an item called Crystals. The item allows you to collect crystals that can be used to improve. The guys also added an item that gives a new ability for the Invoker. He can now improve his abilities.

10. In Dota 2 pro matches use Shift when picking up rare tango. This will save seconds and not turn around if the path is blocked.


Dota 2 games today are at the peak of popularity. It is played by a huge number of people. To play comfortably or watch Dota 2 ti matches, you need to familiarize yourself with the interface of the game. Many people watch Dota 2 ti matches for Interface. This is a cosmetic item that adds design to the controls. There are a total of 90 interface styles in esports Dota 2 besides the standard one. Some of them have switchable sub-styles.

The main interface elements in esports Dota 2

Game Menu. Here you will find the most necessary information: the name of the game, the time counter, the number of players, the level of the game, as well as information about the team in which you play. You are probably familiar with it since you watch dota 2 live matches.

-Character information is displayed at the top of the screen. You’ve seen this in Dota 2 matches. Here you can find out the level of the hero, and his characteristics. 

Esports Dota 2 has an honor board. It displays the names of players who have scored the most points on their team. 

– The calendar displays plans for Dota 2 matches

-Various parameters affect the gameplay. You can select the type of weapons that will be available to your team and so on. 

Pay attention to the fact that the name is only displayed in English.

Heroes of Dota 2

As with any other strategy, Dota 2 games today have their heroes, whose role in the game is quite significant. Each character has a unique ability and properties that make it indispensable in battle.

But still, most players in Dota 2 matches today do not understand the heroes. It is especially important to know the features of Dota 2 placement matches. 

Keep a list of the best heroes for Dota 2 matches today, which can be useful for every player.

– Lone Druid has become much stronger. 

– Silencer. This hero is incredibly useful in Dota 2 ongoing matches. As a support, he can win games by himself. That’s a rare quality for a support hero.

– Undying. In Dota 2 recent matches have become a particularly popular power character. They dominate because they’re suited for almost all roles.

– Huskar. This character is extremely difficult to kill. He has low health and a great attack speed. A great choice for Dota 2 today games. 

– Meepo. This is a playable character that only a handful of players know how to use. However, if you learn how to play Meepo, you can easily raise the rating in Dota 2 pro matches