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Greatfruit Grove Cheats, Tips and Tricks

I just told you a little while ago that I got hooked on Greatfruit Grove, a pretty nice orchard building game and I have decided to share a bunch of Greatfruit Grove cheats with you, actually a set of tips and tricks for this relatively easy game, but one that can drive you crazy with its seedling combinations.

If you have trouble with getting the trees you want, check out the Greatfruit Grove Tree Combinations guide I have posted earlier, that should be a good place to start. Now let’s check out below a set of Greatfruit Grove tips and tricks!

1. Start by planting as many trees as possible
Keep splicing and planting trees. You need a lot of fruit at first to remove all the obstacles and to upgrade the monkey tree, so every little bit counts. Eventually, the Bulba (red tree) will start to drive you crazy as you will have a ton of them, but they will help at first.

2. Don’t be afraid to sell trees!
If you run out of space or get a tree that you don’t want, sell it. You will receive 2 seeds of that tree instantly, but save a lot of space in your grove.

3. Always keep trees fertilized
The idea is simple: always use with the cow the seed that gives the most fertilizer and try to collect the fertilizer as soon as possible. As you progress through the trees, you will need more and more fertilizer for an extra seed, so stock up as much as you can.

A good idea with the fertilizer is to ignore the trees that you have a ton of (like bulba) and focus on the bigger and better trees, because that’s where good upgrade value comes. However, I tend to always try and have all the trees fertilized because it simply speeds things up.

4. Remove all the scary stuff from the Greatfruit Grove
Scary stuff makes your trees unhappy, and that is not good. Focus all your fruits on removing the scary stuff first!

5. Keep the rare trees near decorations
A happy tree produces the seed(s) twice as fast than an upset one and happy trees are those near decorations, so place the rare trees there and leave the others behind. We can usually have 8 trees around a single decoration, which is a pretty good number.

6. Keep your Shiny
Sometimes, not getting the tree that you want will make you wish to spend Shiny (diamonds) to get it. But don’t do it! Instead, keep completing the missions and raise your first 100 diamonds. This way, you can unlock a new fertilizer spot which will help you more in getting the trees that you need.

7. Always keep 5 fruits at hand
Some of the basic trees require 5 seeds in order to be purchased. So make sure that you have at least 5 fruits of each saved up in case you need them.

8. Dormant trees
After a few days, your trees will go dormant. In this case, you have two options: either sell them which only makes sense for the cheapo trees, or have your friends come over and wake them up to produce fruit again. If you don’t have friends, it would be best to know ahead before a tree is about to become dormant to prepare at least a new replacement. Either way, even if you don’t prepare, since you get 2 seeds for each tree you sell, you can create new ones.

9. Add friends!
This is pretty obvious – you need some friends if you want an easier game (and some extra shiny as there are some missions that require you to have friends). If you don’t have people playing the game, you can add your id in the comment section below and hopefully some other Greatfruit Grove players will help.

And this would be it! These are my Greatfruit Grove tips and tricks – if you have some more, share them with us below!


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