It only seems natural that a game as popular as Words With Friends finally hits Facebook and that’s exactly what Zynga has confirmed: they’re planning to launch the game on Facebook and it will also feature cross platform play with iOS versions of the game, as well as Android Words With Friends.

In case you haven’t heard about Words With Friends, we’re talking here about a Scrabble clone created by Zynga in which the social elements won’t be that many (and therefore the game will be less annoying) as in their other Facebook games.

What makes the game even more different than other titles is that Zynga makes money from the game by charging players $1.99 for a one time install or allows you to play a free version of the game that’s supported by interstitial ads. Therefore, I am really curious to see how will the social gamers react to this new way of dealing with things. We’ll see soon – that’s when Zynga said that the game is coming. Soon.

What about you? Are you curious to give Words With Friends on Facebook?