I still remember the days when I spent all my money playing rail shooters on Arcades and I am really happy that now things have changed and I can enjoy a pretty good quality game completely free of charge without leaving my room. The game in question is Toxie Radd 3D, a free first person rail shooter title you can play in your browser.

There are obviously some Pro’s and Con’s in Toxie Radd: the visuals are completely outdated (but still not “ugly”) but there are always tons of zombies around, so you won’t really have time to notice that. You need a lot more than one shot to destroy an enemy, but fortunately you have infinite ammo. There are power-ups along the way and a nice stats system that helps you improve your skills, so all areas are covered. Add to all these some really nice and challenging boss fights between levels and you have a solid reason to spend your morning shooting down zombies and rats in Toxie Radd 3D. All for free, which makes it a lot better than it used to be 20 years ago!

So head over to ArmorGames and play Toxie Radd 3D!


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