pegglePopCap appears to love World of Warcraft quite a lot: they have released a free WoW Bejeweled add-on last year and now they’re doing the same with a Peggle add-on, also free of charge and filled with fun puzzles for orcs and taurens to solve during a short rest at the local inn.

WoW Insider obviously had the first information regarding the upcoming Peggle add-on for World of Warcraft, which appears to be more than just a simple side-game offered for free by PopCap. Instead, the successful casual title will be fully integrated in WoW and it will give players talent points that can be spent on skills. Also, PvP duels will be possible, making it even nicer!

So all we can do following this announcement is to quote Dr. Dre: “Thank God it’s Friday!” Let’s Peggle!