We’ve heard stranger news, but this one certainly tops the most recent ones: World of Warcraft might be coming to Facebook in the near future via cloud gaming and at least cloud gaming service Gaikai is considering this option and making plans. Now that would be something that will potentially kill our (real) social lives forever!

According to Gamespot, Gaikai wants to bring all sorts of mainstream and hardcore games to Facebook and alongside World of Warcraft, another name was circulated: Bulletstorm. Hmm..

It appears that if World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion was to launch on Facebook, it would’ve been, on launch day, the 67th most popular game on the social network. Not the glory that the number 1 MMO had before FarmVille, but apparently enough to consider moving it on Facebook. The best thing: we should be able to play it without additional downloads!

However, we must remember that these more hardcore games never had a chance on Facebook and probably World of Warcraft on Facebook would be a failure too. But it never hurts trying and I, for one, would be very interested in giving WOW a try with my friends.