Technology has come a long way. From the days of mainframe computers to today’s cutting edge smartphones, there is no denying that the sector has evolved drastically. But it’s not just the technical capabilities that have grown exponentially, adoption has grown as well. Today, almost every person on earth has a phone, and in some countries, smartphone penetration is at over 100%. One of the main anchors of this growth is the chip industry. While it’s not something that the average person may understand, microprocessors are the backbone behind the tech boom of the last few decades. Over the years, period processors have become smaller, cheaper and more powerful. So huge has been the explosion in tech that, an average smartphone is multiple times more powerful than the computers that helped take astronauts to the moon 50-years ago. You are probably wondering, what has this got to do with vacuum pumps, right? Well, vacuum pumps are at the core, in the processing of microchips.

In microchip processing, vacuum pumps are used to create the vacuum enclosure needed to prevent air from getting in the way of electron beaming. This is a crucial step in the plating stage in microchip processing. In essence, vacuum pumps have played a huge role in the evolution of consumer technology up to the point where it is today. When simultaneously running multiple Apps on your smartphone, know that vacuum pumps have played a major role in getting to this level. Without vacuum pumps and the resultant technologies, smartphones as we know them would not exist. Computers too would probably have been stuck at the level where they were huge, bulky and low power devices.

However, it is not just consumer technology that is booming. Other industries have grown significantly due to vacuum pump technology as well. For instance, in the pharmaceutical industry, vacuum pumps are used for reactor drying, degassing, distillation, sterilization among other critical processes. This means vacuum pump technologies have played a role in the better health that has come with advanced drugs from the pharmaceutical industry. It’s all part of the technological boom of the last few decades that has the vacuum pump right in the middle of it. Other aspects of technology that have been influenced by vacuum pumps include plastic manufacture, and metallurgy. These are the industries that have influenced the tech industry growth in one way or the other. For instance, plastics are an essential part of the manufacturing of smartphones, which are a massive successful tech development of the 21st century. They have opened up everything from communication and trade to finance.

The best part is that vacuum dry pumps are readily available to anyone who would like to add to the ever-expanding tech pool. A company like Provac is a one-stop-shop for vacuum pumps. Provac vacuum pump solutions cut across industries from manufacturing to food processing. They supply everything from diaphragm pumps, diffusion pumps to dry pumps. They also deliver them worldwide, and offer repair services in case the need arises. The company is trusted by major global brands such as Agilent and Alcatel for its excellence in service delivery.