You must have been familiar with your iPhone as you use it every day. It seems like you understand all of its functions, from the simplest to the most complicated. When mentioning about the iPhone, many people will think about Siri. Siri seems like to be the most interesting and useful expert for answering everything. For example, for the people who is working in betting, with Siri shortcuts, you can also get sports scores, schedules and College Football Futures NJ. Siri can understand plenty of sports betting, including many championships in soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey and

Besides Siri, there are many other features in iPhone that even the toughest iPhone geeks can be amazed.

  1. Put call on hold

Do you know that with your iPhone, you can actually put someone on hold. This feature allows you to make another phone call, for example, when this other person is on hold. This is absolutely different from the mute button which still allow you to hear them and just mute to yourself. When it is on hold, you are muted and the one you are talking to is muted too. To activate this hold feature when you are in a call, just simply hold down the mute button and eventually, after a couple of seconds, it will switch to stay on hold. Now that person cannot hear you and you cannot hear them as well. Furtunately, there is not really any way to play any music or anything so it is not like the other person will know whether they are on hold or not.

2. Camera Level

When you have the grid mode enabled on the camera and you point the phone directly down like to take a picture of a document, you will actually show you a little couple crosshairs that you can line up to know that the phone is perfectly leveled with the ground. To enable this, you go into the settings, go to the camera, and toggle on the grid option. And now you will see a three by three grid in the camera, which can help you line up cool shots and so on. Also, when you are pointing the camera down, it will simply appear. This one will surely be helpful if you are trying to take pictures of a document or something like that.

3. Widget Bar Calculations

This feature is the one to the left of the home screen when you swipe over. Basically, that little search bar can do a few more things you may have realized including acting as a super smart calculator soyou can type in simple calculations. Those can be done with calculators too, surely, but if you want to make a quick switch from kilometers to miles, or tablespoons to cups. In this point, it may be faster to ask Siri instead of trying to type it out. However, if you are in a meeting or somewhere you cannot talk out loud but you still need the conversions, you can quickly type it here, which gives the same result when you do it on Google.

4. Control Center Extra Functions

You may not have realized that when you swipe into the control center, you can obviously click on some little shortcuts, your phone may allow you to more finely control what you want to do with that command. For example, if you 3d touch onto the timer shortcut, you can then swipe up and down to quickly adjust how long you want the timer to be. This way will probably be a little bit faster than it would be normally. If you 3d touch onto the flashlight shortcut, you will be able to adjust the brightness of the flashlight by swiping up and down instead of just having it on full brightness or not.

5. Unlock your iPhone without a passcode or computer

Check this iPhone guide from Mobile Unlocked if you find yourself locked out of your phone and you’ve lost your pin or passcode. It also shows you how to get back into your phone without iCloud or iTunes.