Understanding how slot machine games work is an important part of the review process. While developers offer jackpots, special features and other ways to incentivise players, there’s a critical function of the game that controls everything. Pay tables work on mathematics, payout rates determine when prizes are paid out and the number of betting lines offers different possibilities of winning. So no matter how good a game might look from the outside, it’s the pay table on the inside where players should be hedging their bets. Game analysts at Slotsquad spend a lot of time looking at online slot machines and in particular at coin values and betting levels.

During in-depth game research, Slotsquad.co.uk discovered that pay lines are one of the first pieces of the design puzzle. There’s a good reason for that. Betting lines equal ways to win, playing for real money means cost and more betting lines mean more cost per play. So because of this mathematical relationship, games with more chances of winning will require larger bets to cover those odds. It’s no different than any other betting system. But then there’s something else that works alongside these numbers, and that’s coin value, the amount players can bet on each way to win.

Coin value is important because these values alter how much it is to play the game, i:e how much to spin the slot for one round of betting. We should always look at coin value before betting on slot machine games, and that’s due to overall betting cost. If you’re playing a high-variance 20 betting line casino game at a coin value of 0.01, that’s 0.20 per bet. But alter that coin value to 0.50, it quickly becomes 10, just 20 spins on a game at this level is 200. So you’re spending lots in a short amount of time, depending on the slots features and volatility, you might not win anything. When Slotsquad reviews new slot machine games, they look at coin values carefully.

The trick is finding online slots with lots of pay lines and small coin values, fixed slots that allow a low bet to cover all ways to win. At the other end of the spectrum, high rollers will normally play high coin values with low pay lines, games that potentially return huge prizes but less regularly, and at much greater prices to spin the reels. Another important check is the paytable and how that changes as you alter the coin value. For instance, coin levels per pay line don’t always equal to the number of coins you win. Let’s say three melons on a particular slots game offers 40 coins, a coin level of 0.01 would pay 0.40. However, now change the coin value to 1 and see if the melons in the pay table still offer 40 for three of a kind. If it’s a smaller number of coins for a higher coin value, then keep your bets low.

Most new slot reviews normally concentrate on gameplay, jackpot amounts and features, but coins tell us everything. Whether you play free demo slots or high roll in the thousands, being aware of coin value can help us find the best games while making more conscious bets.