The eSports industry has showed a massive increase in users. Over the past years, the eSports niche evolved probably faster than any of other niches. This industry is expected to bring almost $1 Billion in revenue in 2019 and the experts believes that the industry will grow even more in the next years.

For example, explains as easy as it can be how to play League of Legends. League of Legends broke the record for viewers last year. The well-known game had 127 million viewers watching the MSI final between South Korea’s Kingzone DragonX and China’s Royal Never Give Up. To compare, 111 million people saw the Super Bowl back in 2015.

And the numbers are expected to grow as more and more people started to watch eSports tournaments. If you’re a fan of League of Legends – you probably heard about SKT and Faker. These are the most known names in the industry: SKT – the team that was undefeated for years and their lead player – Faker.

Faker & SKT brought League of Legends to a whole new level. A level where everyone wants to be the best and to compete against the best. And eSports enthusiasts like you and me – are enjoying this as much as they can. But why did eSports became such a huge deal?

1. Its Competitive – and we love it.

The fact that eSports are competitive is the main fact that gather so many fans in such a short time. Almost anything can happen in the tournament matches. We’ve seen matches where a team was completely destroyed until the last 10 minutes and somehow they manage to win a fight and win the game. Like the SKT vs EDG game from back in 2017:

2. Its all about strategy, timing and team play

When someone asked me why I prefer watching a League of Legends match instead of a football one – I replied with : Its all about strategy, timing and team play. There are a few games where you can win even if you don’t have a great team – such as an Formula 1 game.

There are games where strategy is everything – such as a chess game. And there are games where timing is extremely important – like Nascar or marathon running. But eSpors are gathering all these. You need to be good at all to be a pro eSports player – and that’s hard.

3. Anyone can become a pro in less than a year

Being a pro in Football means you had years of training, daily routines and a great nutritionist that makes sure you eat healthy. It can take years until a good player is noticed by a big club and can start making the big bucks.

Not the same in eSports. Here, people can go from 0 to legend in less than a year. In less than a year, you can turn out to be a professional player in a field. I don’t know where else you can become internationally known with less than a year in training.

4. Its fun & addicting

If you’re a fan of any sports, you know what I’m saying. If you love a sport and its fun for you – you have a hobby. But does you hobby can be played in less than 10 minutes and from the comfort of your home? Probably not.

That’s why eSports won so many fans in the last years. Because you can start a match in less than 10 minutes from your sofa. You don’t need anything else than a decent laptop and an internet connection, its that simple.

5. You make friends this way

Once in a while you’ll meet a person or two that you’ll enjoy playing with. You won’t meet someone very often, but once you do – it could be the start of your gaming friendship. Gaming is awesome – but what’s more awesome is playing with friends.

These area few of the things that make us love eSports. There are plenty of other ones that you can find by playing this type of games. And who knows, perhaps you’d be so good at this and you’d start living off playing games – a dream came true for many Twitch streamers.