If you wanna become a pro gamer, then you need to pay close attention to a hardware you use. To be more specific, you need to clarify what keyboard and mouse you should use to get the most from your gaming experience. There are a lot of different offers, there are tons of different brands… You may feel a bit lost, and that’s OK! Because this article will guide you through, and this article will help you to pick the right option. However, the topic we’re going to cover is so wide that this article will only share insights on gaming keyboards.

Picking the greatest keyboard is kind of a hard choice to be honest. Why is that? Because the question is in the type of a keyboard, not only its brand or price. There are many keyboard categories, including silent, wireless, wired and mechanical ones. Lurk through the whole text to find the best option. We’ve structured the keyboard list by type and by price, and also added description on each of keyboard categories.

Keyboard Types

There are five keyboard types for gaming. Let’s dive into that and define things.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wireless gaming keyboards are great for a clutter-free desk. The disadvantage of this option is that  wireless gaming keyboard should be charged regularly, while also you will deal with the slower input time.

Wired Gaming keyboard

Pro gamer brands of keyboards are mostly dedicated to developing wired gaming keyboards. We’d suggest to use this type, even if you’re not a fan of cables. You know, just… put it out of your way, and you won’t even notice it’s there most of the time!

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical gaming keyboard are different — they have mechanical switches to give you the feel when a key is pressed. What does it provide to you? Well, the response time is better than ever! The disadvantage of this type is noise. If you’re planning to train yourself deep at night, while the whole family is sleeping… maybe you should consider another type of a keyboard. For example, silent gaming keyboards.

Silent Gaming Keyboard    

As we mentioned earlier, a mechanical keyboard can be very noisy. If you pick a silent keyboard, you will eliminate noises easily! They use membrane keys to remove the noise, so everyone is happy. Including you!

Budget Sting: Picking the Right Keyboard for the Right Money

Up to 50 USD

You can get the most even for the smallest budget. If it’s near 50 US Dollars, than we highly recommend to take a look at Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard. The Corsair K55 uses membrane keys, so it’s quiet. What about additional features? Well, Corsair K55 features six extra programmable keys, while also delivering customizable RGB backlighting and dedicated volume and multimedia controls.

Up to 100 USD

Now let’s double the budget! If you have 100 bucks, then the range of options is more than wide. First of all, check the Corsair STRAFE. This keyboard is made for E-sportsmen! It has cherry MX keys to assure a clicky feel. Moreover, there are uniform red RGB backlight and USB pass-through support to plug your headset, mouse, or other USB hardware right into your keyboard.

Keyboard Chart

Wonder what brands are dominating the E-sport keyboard brand chart? Here’s the top 4:

●     Razer

●     Corsair

●     HyperX

●     Logitech

Now let’s go brand by brand to discover the pros and the cons of each option.

Razer Gaming Keyboards

Razer is considered one of the best gaming brands in the world. Razer creates various kinds of gaming accessories, but keyboards are their main focus.

1 – Razer Huntsman

One of the latest and top-notch products from Razer is Razer Huntsman keyboard  with Opto-Mechanical feature. What does this feature provide you with? Well, the keys act like mechanical keys. However, when they are pressed, the key blocks an optical light, which tells the keyboard that the key has been pressed. You may buy the standard Razer Huntsman for $150.

2 – Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

This one is  the most popular position from Razer. The BlackWidow Chroma V2 costs up to $160. You can pick Green, Orange, or Yellow model. It features macro keys, and customizable RGB backlights.

3 – Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer Cynosa Chroma is available worldwide for $60. It has a membrane-mechanical hybrid feature: its keys are membrane, but the key caps are designed to be slightly more tactile than typical membrane keys.

Corsair Gaming Keyboards

After Razer we have Corsair. This brand may give you pretty much everything you need in PC gaming: keyboards, mice, and even gaming chairs. Corsair is a well respected brand, and their products are well-known among the gaming community.

1 – Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Corsair K63 offers 1ms delay and super fast Cherry MX Red key switches, which means each key press is fast, precise and tactile. It is distributed with blue LED backlighting and large printed font for easier viewing. The main model costs just $110.

2 – Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

This one is quite expensive. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum has a price of 200 USD, delivering a high quality aluminum frame and a choice between Cherry MX Brown or superfast Cherry MX Speed key switches. And of course it’s not the only feature! For this money you also get a built in storage system that lets you store three different profiles for your macros and programmable keys.

3 – Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard

Let’s not forget about the budget. If it bites, the Corsair K55 could be a great choice. Its price is not that high — like, it’s $55 or even a bit less. What do you get? Membrane keys, multimedia controls, 6 programmable macro keys, and dynamic RGB lighting controls.

HyperX Gaming Keyboards

The Kingston HyperX brand delivers one of the world’s best hardware for gaming.

1 – HyperX Alloy FPS

The first product we should cover is HyperX Alloy FPS Pro. The price is not that high and not that low — it’s $70. This keyboard is lightweight and compact. But less is best, isn’t it? Despite its size, the keyboard is still packing full performance Cherry MX keys.

2 – HyperX Alloy Elite

The HyperX Alloy Elite is essentially Kingston’s main full sized mechanical keyboard. The price is up to $80. This model comes with either Cherry MX Blue, Brown, or Red switches.

You can get a red backlight version or a slightly more expensive RGB backlit version. Both versions have all of the same features, including USB pass-through support, multimedia controls, and a comfortable built-in wrist rest.

Logitech Gaming Keyboards

We’re pretty sure you know this brand. Logitech is famous for their webcams, mice, headsets, and sure thing they are famous for their keyboards.

1 – Logitech G610 Orion

The price is sweet: for near 80 dollars you get durable Cherry MX mechanical key switches, customizable function keys, multimedia controls, and customizable white LED backlighting.  The Logitech G610 is a way to go!

2 – Logitech G413

The G413 price is 90 dollars, and for this price you get a great set of features! For example, function keys and programmable lighting with full RGB, along with the pass-through support. This keyboard performs well and enables plugging your USB peripherals straight through it.

3 – Logitech G910 Orion Spark

The Logitech G910 Orion Spark costs $90, and if you want something a little fancier, the Logitech G910 Orion Spark is exactly what you need. This keyboard features the same mechanical key switch style as seen on the G413, but it also features a fuller design with extra programmable keys, fully customizable RGB lighting and better multimedia controls.


So, that was an overview of the best 2019 keyboards for gaming. Know better? Tell us in the comment section!

Image Source: wccftech