Microsoft have always been a contending force in the gaming industry, ever since they emerged onto the scene with the original Xbox in the early 2000’s. While the original Xbox wasn’t nearly as successful as the PS2, it held its own and pushed forward, creating amazing titles such as Halo, and with Xbox Live, becoming the dominant online gaming system, a title that still holds true to this day. With all this in mind, I am predicting that Microsoft will have the best selling, most popular system next generation. Why? Read on to find out.

Aside from their revolutionary online gaming service, Microsoft was incredibly intelligent this generation when it came to the Xbox. They launched early, and, amidst some hardware problems, essentially beat Sony at their own game. Microsoft got third party developers on board, had the easier system to develop for, and continues to this day to be the preferred system for multiplatform games, regardless of exclusive content offered on the PS3.

Some would argue that Microsoft is letting their exclusives get away from them, and with only “two major exclusive franchises (Gears and Halo)”, they’re losing track of their fanbase. I would argue that not only is that statement in an of itself inaccurate, it’s too undermining. In the US,for example, the Fable franchise, for example, has sold over 2 million titles with Fable 2, and 3 million titles with Fable 3, compared to the likes of White Knight Chronicles, a PS3-Exclusive RPG, that failed to hit even a quarter million, or Demon’s Souls, which never even hit one million.

It’s not just RPG’s either. Look at Forza. Forza 2 sold over 2 million, Forza 3 sold almost 3 million, and Forza 4 sold almost 2 million. Compared to the likes of Gran Turismo, which sold a little over 2 million overall. Or, compare it to the likes of Motorstorm. The original Motorstorm sold 1.5 Million, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift didn’t even crack half a million, and Motorstorm: Apocalypse never even touched a quarter million.

The trend here is this: Microsoft knows how to propery market their games and get some money made, which in turn allows the studios to create more AAA games. There’s a reason Microsoft has very consistent amazingly-performing games, both sales-wise and quality-wise. They know what they’re doing.

When you add in the fact that Microsoft offers such an appealing online service that boasts easier access and better servers then the PS3, it’s not hard to figure out why gamers choose the 360. As long as Microsoft continue pushing Xbox Live further and further, and keep it one step ahead of PSN, tons of gamers will choose it for that very reason.

Now, with both Sony’s PS4 already announced to come out at the end of this year, and Nintendo’s Wii-U already on the market, Microsoft has their work cut out for them. But I still believe they will be the winner of the generation overall. They’ve got the games to appeal both to hardcore and casual gamers, they have the marketing experience to make sure their games sell, and they have the history of 2 generations of having the better online experience to make sure that fans of popular shooters like Call Of Duty and Battlefield pick their system, regardless of exclusive content present on the other systems.

Microsoft may seem like they’re losing next gen already with no announcements, but E3 is coming up. We could very well see a next Xbox launch right alongside the PS4, and have a real head-to-head war on our hands.

What do you think of Microsoft’s next gen approach? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Selling more units != a better game. Xbox owners lack a broader variety of games to pick from, so more people end up buying the same game…
    I agree that Microsoft does market well, it should spend the same amount of time and energy developing 1st party games.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, now I am sure your have your flood of Sony drones disagreeing but the FACT remains MS tripled there marketshare while Sony lost over 50% and the reasons you mentioned are why.

  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You took Fable and compared it to 2 niche PS3 exclusives that the mass market knows nothing about?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? GT5 didn’t sell 2 million, it sold 8+ MILLION! Motorstorm 3 came out at a tough time and was delayed due to the Japan earthquake! XBL is the greatest scam of the 21st century! While it offers great features that elevate playing games it is NOT worth the $60 a year! Also have you not seen ANYTHING of Sony’s plans for PSN on PS4?! Microsoft HAS lost touch with their fans cuz they treat them like SH*T! they have NO exclusives which I’m guessing will change since its rumored that they will be making 4 new IP’s. They have a total of 3-5 noteable exclusives that COULD make you buy their console! The PS4 is rumored to be more powerful and it has an extremely dev simplified architecture so your entire argument is mute! That means BETTER multi-plats. NONE of your arguments even talk about the next generation they all are based on current gen events which you are clearly uninformed on. Many games that PS3 has exclusive dlc for sell better (AC, Farcry, Batman, BF3, Bioshock:I etc. etc.) so I don’t know where you’re coming from there. You should really consider re-writing this article cuz its full of bullsh**. I personally think Sony will win if rumors are to be believed but who knows M$ might wow us on the 21st. But this entire article is full of it!

  4. are you an idiot? gran turismo 5 sold close to 10 million copies along with prologue which also sold 5 million + copies. forza do not compare too the sales of these games since they only hit 2 million worldwide for each game (majority of that from america, and no america is not the world retard). maybe you should actually so some proper research and stop pulling numbers out of your ass


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