The world is constantly changing and with it comes the need for new technology and brilliant minds that can create, fix, and maintain new inventions that will change the world. This is why computer scientists are very important to the world.

If you love technology and you are passionate about problem-solving then computer science is an incredible career choice for you. Is pursuing a career in computer science really worth it in 2019? Can you make money as a computer scientist? Check out to find out more.

What Is Computer Science?

In simple terms, the study of computer science involves understanding how computers work. However, computer science goes beyond computers. It is a diverse field that helps individuals explore processes such as algorithms which go a long way in solving day to day problems such as poverty, unemployment, and climate change.

When you study computer science, you can venture into the numerous areas of specializations which include applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, cryptography, iOS development, mobile development among others.

Here are a few reasons why computer science is a lucrative profession

1. Computer Scientists Are Needed Everywhere

Almost every industry in the world today uses computers so naturally, if you pursue a career in computer science you can work anywhere. This means that you will be spoilt for choice as you can work in healthcare, science, engineering and many other institutions that require computer software to solve problems.

2. Computer Scientists Have High Starting Salaries

What makes computer science a lucrative profession is the high starting salaries that fresh graduates enjoy. On average a computer science graduate will earn $65,900 and with experience and further education, these figures can go higher.

3. Computer Science Has Created Home-Based Working Opportunities

Thanks to the applications and tools that have been created by computer scientists, many people have gotten opportunities to work in the comfort of their homes. Modern moms now enjoy working at home while taking care of their young children. Individuals who previously had challenges working such as the physically challenged can now commit to a job and work full time from home thanks to computer science.

4. Furthering Education

Education is almost as important as the air we breathe. Imagine modern education without the internet or computers; even the thought itself is impossible. Thanks to computer science professionals, students have been able to take classes online, do research and even exchange notes via the cloud. As a computer scientist, you can help your community get access to education, especially for needy students who were previously limited by finances and geographical locations.

5. Computer Science Will Change the World

Computer science is a noble career that will change the world. Without it, the modern world we are living in will come to a grinding halt. Almost every business entity today from family businesses to small industries to the multinationals is spurred by computer science professionals. When you pursue computer science, you will greatly change the corner of your world and improve the lives of people.