Despite all the ambiguity of 2020, the online gambling industry has developed significantly in the world. Today, gambling occupies a weighty place in the leisure of a large number of people.

Fans of gambling have a wide choice of various games, beginning with roulette and ending with bets on e-sports. Just take a look at the Casinonic as an example – The variety of games is wild!

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According to research company Global Market Insights, the volume of the online gambling market in 2019 was $ 55 billion. In 2020, the growth of the online gambling segment grew by 16.5%. So, what are the key factors influencing the development of online gambling in 2020? Why more and more people spending their free time by gambling online?

1. Development of the mobile Internet

Today, mobile internet speeds have become faster and more efficient. The global implementation of the 4G and 5G networks has played a positive role for gambling businesses. Now, thanks to 4G / 5G, mobile devices are able to reliably send and receive large data packets, which contributes to a quality gaming environment.

2. Constant improvement of mobile phones and mobile versions of online games

The mobile phone has proven itself as a favorite tool for playing in online casinos and for sports betting. Mobile devices are improving year by year and become even more accessible to a larger number of people. If 5 years ago a smartphone with significant characteristics cost more than $ 1,000, now you can buy one for 200-300 USD. Such a mobile device will fully meet the needs of the user for quality gaming in online gambling establishments.

It is estimated that more than 60% of people prefer mobile devices to personal computers. That’s why online gambling is massively developing and improving its mobile versions to make them even more convenient, faster and easier to use. Just take a quick view at Casinonic сasino and see for yourself the great variety of online pokies and other casino games!

3. Application of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

Security of your personal data and comfort during the game are the main requirements of a large number of users. The use of cryptocurrencies, which mostly use blockchain technology, allows online establishments to ensure maximum confidentiality, make transactions more secure and cheaper, and do it without the intervention of third-party companies.

With these benefits in mind, various online casinos offer digital currency payments, which have become one of the most popular deposit / withdrawal options among online casino players around the world.

4. Variety of online casinos and bonus offers

There are many online casinos in the gambling market. They are fighting for new customers, so they offer a large number of bonus offers. These can be free spins, cashback, first deposit bonuses, etc. Many gamblers use the offered promotions to start the game with minimal investment.

However, the choice of online institution should be approached as responsibly as possible. To save their time, gamblers use specialized online resources. Such sites review online casinos and provide complete information about them: the availability of a license, user experience, bonuses, reviews, variety of games, all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular online institution

5. Introduction of virtual reality technology

I would like to single out Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Thanks to this technology, players are immersed as much as possible and feel the atmosphere of a real institution, while staying at home. Key online casino operators consider VR technology a promising area, so they will develop it further.

6. Legalization of the online gambling industry by countries

More and more countries around the world are announcing the beginning of the legalization of online gambling, including Australia.

Governments are beginning to realize that the legalization of online gambling is a significant source of revenue for the country’s budget. Therefore, more and more states are becoming loyal to this issue.

It is due to these key factors that the online gambling industry has undergone positive changes in 2020. According to various experts, it will grow in the 2021 as well.