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Unfortunately (for some), gaming cheats are slowly disappearing from the gaming world. It makes sense in a way, as it’s not exactly fair to give some gamers an advantage over others.

That’s not to say cheats have completely disappeared from gaming, and it does give you the chance in some cases to enjoy the game that bit more.
If you’re new to gaming or have been in the field a while — cheat codes don’t discriminate — below are some of the best for the year.

1) Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

COD is arguably one of the most popular games out there. If you haven’t played it, you’ve at least heard of it. All COD players know the frustration of not being able to unlock a level through the game. Despite multiple attempts, there’s always the one you just can’t seem to crack.

There are cheat codes out there that will help you unlock all the levels, and the ability to play more to your rules. The new COD is out this season, and we bet you’re already thinking about that Black Ops Cold War Hack.

2) Grand Theft Auto 5

There’s something beyond just the game with GTA that makes it so hard to pull yourself away from the screen. Plenty of GTA 5 cheats are accessible for gamers that allow for a more limitless play.

Some popular cheats for the newest version of this old-time classic are invincibility, a richer choice of weapons, the ability to knock down your ‘Wanted’ level, and a parachute option. When you look at the bonuses of a cheat code, it’s almost hard to resist.

3) Final Fantasy VII Remake

This role-playing action game is entirely immersive, and who doesn’t like a complex story running through a game? This is set to be the first in a series of remakes from its original game released back in ’97.

There are some nifty cheat codes you can find on the internet for Final Fantasy VII Remake. These vary from more trivial cheats such as changing outfits and choosing who you see in the garden, to some ever-useful parrying attacks.

4) Red Dead Redemption 2

This prequel edition to the original Red Dead Redemption sees you on a journey through the Wild West. Using cheat codes for this game can make the play easier, or that bit more interesting.

Some cheats you can access on your adventures include getting more money, levels unlocked, a variety of transportation, and even the ability to get wasted. One way you can find cheat codes is via the newspapers you can buy in the game. Keep your eyes peeled.

5) Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This year saw a revival of the much-loved Animal Crossing on Nintendo. This game is perfect for the gamers wanting a break from the usual action-packed, and at times intense, nature of other mainstream games.

Whilst this game revolves around creating a life from scratch, there are cheats you can use to alter your experience of the game. Cheat codes you may find for Animal Crossing include the turnip cheat (which gets you a load of money, or ‘bells’), the ability to time travel, and unbreakable tools.


Above are some cheats you can find around on the web, amongst other places, for an optimized experience of some of the year’s most popular video games.
Whilst not all games allow cheats, it’s good to know some of your favorites still do because although it’s a “cheat”, we can’t deny they can make the game more fun.