Michael Grezesiek, popularly known as Shroud is the best PUBG player in the world based on his win rate in competitions, his incredible skills among other factors. He’s also the most famous PUBG player in the world; at least as far as PC gaming is concerned.

Stick around to find more about why Shroud deserves the Number One title and which other players could challenge his throne in 2020.

Who is Shroud?

Shroud is a 25-year-old Canadian streamer. He plays PUBG, Seige, CS: GO, Fortnite, Apex legends and Rainbow Six. Like many gamers out there, Shroud became famous streaming on Twitch.

Unlike most streamers, though, Shroud regularly attracts up to 100,000 views each week. He also owns the second most popular Twitch channel with six million followers and 44,093 paying subscribers. But as famous as he is, the Canadian recently ditched Twitch for Microsoft-owned Mixer.com.

He will be in good company at Mixer.com. Fellow Canadian and the most famous streamer of all time Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, made a similar move back in August.

Streaming aside, Ninja is a former eSports player who played CS: GO until 2017. He was an excellent professional and made over $200,000 at one ESL Pro League competition. Since joining Twitch, Shroud has also remained at the top of the streaming game.

Whether he’s playing CS: GO or PUBG, Fortnite or Apex Legends, Shroud plays beautifully and emerges among the top 10 players in each game. Due to that, he’s so famous that game developers often create skins with his name and logo on them. This PUBG betting guide can help you find out how to land some of the skins. There are numerous ways to earn the skins, including buying them.

What Makes Shroud the Best PUBG Player?

If you’ve watched Shroud stream severally, you can give witness finishes among the top 10 players in each competition. For the uninitiated, PUBG pools together 100 players in one arena and the might fight off until one person remains standing. Shroud uses a range of skills to win or at least make it to the last ten players on PUBG.

  1. Incredible Landing Skills

How you land on PUBG’s arena plays a crucial role in how well you defend and attack. Shroud has mastered the art of landing so much that he almost always land close to a house. This helps him get into the house quickly, loot weapons and defend himself in case of an unexpected attack.

  1. Always on the Move

You might think hiding behind walls and houses is the best strategy to play PUBG. But not according to Shroud. In all his games, the Canadian is always moving around. There’s an advantage to this as it helps him dodge attacks more effectively. It also helps him spot other players from afar and eliminate them quickly.

  1. Excellent Vision

Shroud’s vision is exceptional. He hits his opponents faster than they can see him and he does it precisely. Of course, that means he also hold great reflexes and impressive hand to eye coordination. And with a combination of outstanding vision and reflexes, Shroud never disappoints.

  1. Ability to Anticipate the Enemy

At the beginning of games, Shroud moves around looting helpful gear as he also anticipates his rivals. He also moves in zigzags to avoid snipers. Additionally, he uses his hawkeyed vision spot enemies while they are still far. And as they get close, he hits them hard.

  1. His Record Win Percentage

Earlier in October, Shroud surprised many of his fans by winning a PUBG competition after months of not playing the game. How did he win? It was bizarre. After the first 97 players got eliminated, it was just him and two other players. But as he ran aimlessly to avoid getting hit, his opponents killed each other, leaving him to win.

It wasn’t the first time Shroud had won PUBG, though. He’s most gamers’ favorite player to win the game, and he’s proven it numerous times. Surprisingly, PUBG isn’t his favorite game. He prefers to play CS: GO.

Top Three Also Incredible PUBG Players

Shroud hasn’t be playing PUBG for the better part of this year. But while he’s away, here are four of the best PUBG players on both PC and mobile devices.

  1. Dr. Disrespect

He’s loud. He’s funny. He’s extremely tall at 6 feet, 8 inches and loves to mock PUBG and Fortnite. But guess what? American Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is also one of the best PUBG players out there. If he was not, he wouldn’t be attracting up to 20,000 viewers daily.

Like his peers, Dr. Disrespect player a wide range of games. And thanks to his incredible skills, showmanship and rants; he one of the top 10 most famous streamers on Twitch.

  1. Soul Mortal—Best Mobile PUBG Player

In case you haven’t been paying close attention, PUBG for mobile is one of the most popular games on Google and Apple mobile stores. The game has 100M+ downloads on Google Play Store and an average of 4.5/5 stars on the iOS platform.

So, for Indian-born Naman “Soul Mortal” Mathur to win multiple PUBG mobile tournaments, he has to be one of the best PUBG players out there.

  1. Choco Taco

In 2017, Jake “Choco Taco” Throop quit his well-paying teaching job to kick start a career as a PUBG streamer. Fast forward to 2019 and the American is leaving every gamer’s dream. He’s regularly the Number One PUBG players in terms of kills. He’s rich and he’s barely 30 years.

To Conclude

Although millions of people play PUBG worldwide, few of them can boast of having as many kills as Shroud, Choco Taco, Dr. Disrespect or Soul Mortal. These guys dominate Player Unknown’s almost every time they play. And they play beautifully, which makes it entertaining to watch them.

Shroud is the best player among them by a long shot. But considering he doesn’t player PUBG very often, these days, we could have a new Number One by the end of the year.