A whopping 75 percent of gamers are concerned about being hacked. They have good reason to worry, because online gaming makes them vulnerable to an array of cyber threats including in-game hacking, data theft, malware, and phishing attacks. To stay safe, gamers need to understand the risks and know how to minimize them. While many gamers practice some elements of effective cyber hygiene, there is always room for improvement. As a gamer, paying closer attention to data security will allow you to better protect your hardware and software.

Gamers should enable 2FA authentication

Beefing up tech security will be easy when you opt for two-factor authentication. Also known as 2FA, this type of security feature is available in many modern video games. When you enable two-factor authentication, there will be an extra step during the login process. A code will be sent out to a phone number or an email address. While 2FA does extend the time that it takes to login, it offers powerful protection from hackers. Design Security Controls asserts that digital security options like two-factor authentication are critical aspects of preventing intrusions into digital networks and online accounts. While 2FA isn’t infallible, it’s provides that extra layer of protection that all gamers should enforce to safeguard their hardware.

Antivirus programs with gaming modes are smart buys

Most gamers already realize that good antivirus programs are useful, but some avoid using antivirus programs because they believe that these programs will slow down the pace of their gameplay. If you’re into PC gaming, you can invest in an antivirus software program that includes a gaming mode. Then, you won’t need to sacrifice tech security in order to enjoy blazing-fast game performance. With antivirus that includes a gaming mode feature, you’ll enjoy cutting-edge data security while you play without any typical performance issues or irritating pop-ups. Playing games without an antivirus program running is just not smart, because no antivirus program means no protection from digital threats.

Make stronger, more unique passwords

For the sake of convenience, it’s not uncommon for gamers to use the same passwords across a range of accounts. Passwords should be different for every account, and the addition of passphrases will be helpful, because passphrases make it harder for hackers to use brute force tactics to break into accounts. To stay safe, use strong passwords, add passphrases when you can, and never duplicate passwords across accounts. If you do use the same password for everything, all of your gaming accounts are more vulnerable to compromise.

Now that you know more about anti-hacking tips, you’ll be ready to improve your gaming tech security. By following these tips, you’ll practice good cyber hygiene, which makes it harder for online threats to infiltrate your hardware and software.