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Many experts recommend paying attention to the RTP rates if online casino players would like to have higher chances of winning in casino games. However, beginner-level players may fail to understand what is RTP rate, how it is formed, and how it influences the gaming experience.

Now, even the best paying online casino will pay only exactly what the player wins by making real money bets. If the player wins small it will pay small, so it makes sense to pay attention to the best-paying games.

A well-paying game is usually a game with a higher-than-average RTP rate of 94% and above. The best rates are 96-97% but these games are rare.

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What is RTP Rate

The RPT is a casino term that means Return To Player. RTP is a rate, and it is measured in percentages. This rate indicates how much money the player can eventually win by betting real money on this game, in the long term. In other words, with high RTP slots and other games, the longer the gambler plays the more money they can return on their investments.

The RTP rate is pretty easy to understand. For example, if the RTP rate is 93%, it means that if a player bets one hundred times with $1, they can win $90 in sum as a result of these one hundred bets. Obviously, the higher the RTP, the more profitable is the game for the gambler.

RTP Rate & House Edge

House edge is another aspect of the RTP rate. House edge is the percentage that goes to the casino for every bet you win. Obviously, every bet you lose goes to the house by default; when you bet and win, a certain percent of the sum still goes to the house.

This is the reason why it is impossible to play against the house and win in the long term – because the casino house will always get more of your money unless you are very lucky and hit a jackpot.

Online casino gambling is always more profitable than betting at land-based casinos, partially because online casinos usually have a lower house edge. Online casino games, on the other hand, usually have higher RTP rates than the games for land-based gambling facilities.

RTP Rate and Volatility

When you play online casino slot games, it is hard to estimate their RTP rate because the wins on the bets are not equal and cannot be predicted. Slots are 100% games of chance, and no skill or knowledge, or strategy of yours can influence the outcome of the spin.

Yet, you can estimate how fast you will be able to get the advantage of your high RTP rate, by paying attention to the volatility.

Slot games are divided into two volatility types – those with many paylines and smaller wins, and those with fewer paylines and bigger wins. In other words, you either win more often and in smaller sums, or you win less often, but in bigger sums. Therefore, your RTP rate can show itself a little bit differently depending on the volatility of slots.

There are also some medium-level volatility slots but they are comparatively few.

RTP Rate and Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are the type of slot game that has a very low RTP rate compared to other slots – while well-paying slot games are considered to offer a 90% – 95% RTP rate and higher, progressive jackpots can only have from 75% to 85% or so.

This is because, with progressives, their main strength is not in the RTP rate and long-term gambling strategy. Progressive jackpots accumulate huge prize pools across all platforms and gambling sessions, so even with lower RTP rates, they can pay really big if you’re lucky.


Slots are the most popular type of casino games because they are easy to learn, easy to play, and no complicated strategy is needed. However, depending purely on chance is not very wise if you can increase your odds by choosing the game carefully. Opt for games with higher RTP rates and lower house edge, and your gambling will become way more productive.