Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a growing industry with plenty of developers jumping on board. In the sea of new VR games, experiences, and apps, it can be difficult to find the hidden gems among all of the noise. Luckily, there are some amazing VR experiences out there that don’t get as much attention as they should. One such gem we found is VRChat — an incredibly unique social experience in virtual reality. If you love exploring new worlds and making friends along the way, then you’ll want to read our VRChat review below.

What is VRChat?

VRChat is an online virtual reality community where people can explore and interact with each other in 3D environments. It’s a social platform where users can create their own worlds, share them with others, and even play a few select games. The best way to think of VRChat is as a virtual chat room where you can go to explore, create, and play with other people. 

You can use your own VR headset or explore VRChat on your computer through your browser. VRChat is like a virtual reality version of an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) but more focused on the social aspect. People are generally very friendly in VRChat, and you can easily make friends by just chatting with random people.

Why Should You Try VRChat?

VRChat is a unique experience that’s unlike anything else you’ll find in the VR world. There is no main objective but rather, it’s a virtual world you explore, create, and socialize in. VRChat provides a unique experience where players can: design their own worlds, explore other players’ worlds, or even discover new VRChat communities with a wide variety of content. 

VRChat really emphasises creative freedom. Everyone within the game is represented by a fully customisable 3D avatar that can be edited and imported into the game. This is one of the main attractions of the game as the community loves to make loads of amazing personalised avatars. You’ll likely see characters from loads of popular TV shows and anime, as well as video game characters.

Sometimes people want something more original like their own furry avatar. However, they do not have the 3D modelling and animation expertise. Well, talented artists in the community offer avatar commissions for VRChat where they create avatars for a bespoke fee. It’s the best way to get a hold of a custom avatar without the headache of making it yourself.

You can learn how to draw, paint, sculpt, or even speak a new language in VRChat. The community is full of friendly people who are always willing to help you get started. You can even discover new friendships with people from all over the world. There’s a bit of everything in VRChat but it’s the closest thing we have to living a virtual life. 

VRChat Gameplay

VRChat is a social platform, so you won’t find any traditional game modes here. Instead, you’ll find a wide variety of fan-made creative explorations and interactive experiences. Some people will have worlds open for exploration, while others will be in creative mode where you can help create their masterpieces. There are certain rooms that are more popular than others, and you can find them in the Explore tab. Rooms like the Art Room, Dance Floor, and the Twitch Room are great places to start exploring. You can also make use of the Play tab to find mini-games you can play with other players.

VRChat Community

The VRChat community is filled with a wide variety of people. There are artists, gamers, language learners, and even people who just want to explore new worlds. You can find people from all over the world and make new friends in VRChat. The community is generally very friendly but it wouldn’t be an online game without a few toxic players. 

It’s easy to make new friends in VRChat as you have anonymity on your side. So many people find it easier to express themselves online because of this. Even though the internet can be a harsh place VRChat safeguards its users by representing them as virtual avatars.

If you’re artistic and tech-savvy then it might be worth contributing to the avatar community within VRChat. There are whole worlds dedicated to uploading cool avatars that you’ve made so other players can try them on. First, you’ll have to learn how to make a VRChat avatar, but once you got it down it would be cool to see someone else wearing your artwork.

VRChat Rooms

VRChat has many different rooms that are frequented by players. Some are for playing specific games, while others are for more open creation. Here are a few of the most popular rooms in VRChat.

Twitch Room: The Twitch Room is a place for Twitch streamers and their followers to meet and socialize in VRChat. You can find out when popular streamers are playing in VRChat and join the Twitch room to meet them and other Twitch viewers.

Art Room: The Art Room is a creative building space where people come to draw, sculpt, paint, and more. You can join this room as either an artist or as someone who just wants to watch and appreciate the creations. 

Dance Floor: The Dance Floor is a large space where people can come and dance together. This room is very active and is a great place to meet new people.

Discoball: The Discoball is a large room where people play a disc-throwing game. You’ll need to have a disc-throwing peripheral to play this game, but it’s a lot of fun.

Final Words

VRChat is an incredibly unique VR experience. It’s a social platform that allows you to explore new worlds and meet new people. The game encourages creativity so you’re only really limited by your imagination. With the proximity chat and text chat features, you’ll find yourself making friends and having fun in no time. If you’re ready to get your VRChat adventure started, then you can download the game on your preferred platform.