Hogwarts Legacy: Megareview


Hogwarts Legacy: Megareview

One of the most anticipated games of 2023 was Hogwarts Legacy, and it was not without reason. The game has been delayed for two years, first in 2021 because of COVID-19, then in 2022, with no obvious explanation.

The game is intriguing from the start, as there haven’t been many big-budget attempts to make a Harry Potter game before. Also, it must be mentioned that the creators have perfectly exploited childhood nostalgia feelings. Those children, amazed by the Boy Who Lived story, are adults now and might afford to spend sixty dollars on the game that will easily remind them of their bright and carefree childhood. If you are somehow unwilling to waste so much, you have the option of waiting for a while and getting the game on stg-game.com quite soon with a significant discount. Meanwhile, pass the time by playing one of the RPG games in their collection.

Getting back to Hogwarts Legacy and the first impressions of most famous game critics.

IGN[ПW1]  reviewer defines the game, if to cut it short, as “in almost every way, this is the Harry Potter RPG I’ve always wanted to play.” The key points he emphasizes are:

1.Memorable and instantly endearing characters. In his opinion communicating and hanging out with classmates and professors are as fun as wandering in search of adventures and combating enemies.

2.The world is packed with everything you need to feel yourself a student of Hogwarts. Developers captured the look and atmosphere of the wizarding world. Also, they have added all kinds of references.

3.The combat system never stops being entertaining. All the spells and tactics available for the player seem endless and give you space for creativity.

Gamesradar[ПW2]  puts a fly in the ointment with the phrase “tries to do too much all at once.” Their review criticizes an uneasy relationship with the wizarding world, messy progression and economy, and bloated open-world systems.

1. The first point is missed by devs opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the world in character or in photo mode.

2. Progression and economy are criticised due to their similarity to most RPGs, where your stats aren’t tied to your skill but to the choice of inventory items. The same story is with your talent points that are gained by routine farming, i.e. killing hordes of spiders or collecting world lore pages.

3. The bloated open-world system is shot at the mission-set. Here is the direct quotation “the deeper you get into the adventure, the more vacuous sidequests become, the more monotonous the activities (magical lockpicking is not the one), and the more sparse the environments”.

Gamerant[ПW3]  are more loyal, yet not extremely excited about the game. Among the cons critics name:

1. An excessive amount of talking is not influencing the game story but only takes your playing time.

2. Combat looks to them not perfect but dull and repetitive from time to time. Add here a lack of morality as you could easily use the three unforgivable curses.

3. Game and quest design is also named as the weak point of the game. The claim is that the developers clearly had a quantity-over-quality approach while designing side quest lines.

Nonetheless, the pros list is impressive: activities range from “dungeon crawling to clearing out spider nests to catching magical beasts like they were Pokémon.” Add here the ability to turn beasts into pets. Spice it up with traditional looter games’ obsession with the amount of available equipment and polish it with a truly wizardian atmosphere. Mix it up, and you’ll desire to try all the in-game experiences personally.