In the current digital world, our online activities greatly reveal who we are. Our professional achievements, our personal information, our interactions, and assignments can be traced somewhere on the internet.

With the rising cases of cyber insecurity and geo-restrictions, there is an increasing number of people seeking internet privacy.

Therefore, the need for concrete measures to be taken to protect sensitive information kept online.

And what better way to protect yourself on the internet than to use a VPN on your smartphone? Android VPN is one of the most effective ways of promoting cybersecurity as it allows you to access the internet privately.

Why Use a VPN On Your Phone?

Virtual Private Networks, popularly known as VPNs are used to enhance security on the internet.

Having that most people rely on mobile devices to connect to the world around them through social media, email, messaging and gaming, it makes a lot of sense to have a VPN on your phone.

A good VPN allows you to share an account across five or more devices, including your android phone. However, many are still wondering whether it is safe to use a VPN on the phone. We’ll be answering this question below.

Is it Safe to Use VPN On Your Phone?

It is perfectly safe to use a VPN on your phone as long as you choose a reliable app. A quality app will allow you to change the server through which you access the internet, in effect, hiding your exact location. This will enable you to maintain a certain degree of privacy while online and also give you access to content from geo-restricted areas.

However, you must be cautious when choosing a VPN to use on your smartphone. You should be wary of free VPN software and fake ‘alert’ pop-ups. Poor quality VPNs can cause slow connections because by nature VPNs can affect your browsing speed. However, the best VPN app (preferably, paid-for) works to ensure this does not happen.

Always do thorough research concerning a VPN provider before committing to it, and select the VPN service you can trust. One of them might be hotspot shield VPN review as you can see, or you can choose from many others and see what you like the most.

Choosing a Safe VPN for Your Smartphone

VPN encrypts the data from your device, allowing you to have a private connection even when using a public network.

As a result, you will be able to access services and websites that are geo-restricted to specific regions, avoid spying eyes while using unsecured networks and mask your IP address, making your search history anonymous.

When it comes to mobile phones, the VPN is offered as an app. To ensure your phone is protected, use the following tips:

  • Confirm that your selected VPN provider has a mobile app
  • Download the app – Google Play Store has many VPN apps listed for Android phones and the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad. Ensure you use the official Google Play Store for Android to avoid unvetted apps and malware.
  • Install the app – after downloading the app, install it and create your account. You might be required to accept certain permissions or specify the region you’ll like to browse from. For a paid VPN service, you’ll be required to include your payment details.
  • Check for an icon at the top of your phone. If the VPN app is running, you’ll see a key icon on Android or a VPN for iOS.

Why Your Mobile Device Needs Cyber Security

Regardless of how comfortable you are in the digital space; you are still at risk of cyber-attacks. In the digital world, your data is at risk of attacks from outside.

Many innocent people are putting their information online today. Such people are not aware of the dangers of privacy breaches and the way it can impact their life. This is why cybersecurity is necessary for all internet users because it can lead to a lot of damage and loss.

Most people using the internet do so through mobile devices. The use of Android VPN services will help protect the data stored on your mobile devices from hackers.

Also, VPNs will help hide your original IP address. This will allow you to disguise your physical location making it possible to bypass regional restrictions.

Android and mobile VPNs are specifically designed to provide cybersecurity for your mobile devices and the data you’ve kept in them.